1956 Talbot Lago


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German title
Chassis # 140036
Engine No. 16030
Body No. 6027

- An extremely rare model (only 54 made)
- Very high quality restoration by enthusiasts
- Sublime design
- One of the last cars from Talbot Lago

According to the Talbot construction sheet that we have, the car on offer was delivered new on the 17th of July 1956 to Mr Brizard. The car was equipped with several accessories such as a heater-defroster, a portable lamp socket under the dashboard, a washer and an ashtray. The body color was described as "radiant cream albatross" with beige leather upholstery for the inside. The car was registered in Paris by its first owner, with the registration number of 1198 FE 75.
From an invoice regarding work on the mechanicals dating from December 1963, at the garage Roger Lamirault, we can figure out that this Talbot T14 was then in the hands of a certain Michel Sayey. In July 1965, another invoice from the same establishment refers to an engine repair and, in 1966, it was bought by a Christian Raoult and registered as 9527 GN 78. It was then subject to an overhaul of the running gear at Demeca, in Clamart, then a restoration of the starter in 1980, when it still belonged to Mr Raoult.
In 1990 it was bought by Gérard Kapp, probably to Mr Raoult as it was still registered 78. From an article in Auto Passion magazine on the car, in the February 1992 edition, we learn that Gérard Kapp then had the car reregistered with the number 950 TJ 24, and that the car had received a very high quality restoration, which details are reported in the same article. The car was stripped down to the bare chassis, and everything was completely refurbished, using whenever possible, new original parts supplied by Dominique Dupont, then the president of Club Talbot. The Talbot double camshaft engine's restoration was entrusted to Rétromécanique in Montigny-le-Bretonneux, the upholstery work to Pardini, in Boulogne, and the body was restored to a beautiful metallic gray color. At that time, restorations of this level were rare.
It is in 2012 that the current owner acquired the car through a German dealer. Surprisingly, the car has hardly been used since (as the meter displays just 188 km) since its restoration in the 1990s, and therefore it is in nice condition, with a very subtle patina. The interior blue leather and matching carpets, perfectly preserved, give the insides a luxurious and refined atmosphere. The dashboard is completed with a small aluminum plate which features an old clock and an old stop-watch.
The mechanical quality of the car has been retained as a recent check of the brakes revealed that the set is in perfect condition, including the fresh paint on the drums' flanges! The car is shod with five Michelin X tires which show very little wear and the attention to detail has gone into the making of a small custom case that houses the jack and the mallet.
Besides being one of the last survivors of one of the most prestigious of French brands from the interwar period, with success in races as well as in concours d'elegances, this car has the advantage of being in an exceptionally well-preserved state, after a thorough restoration carried out by a true enthusiast. This is probably one of the finest surviving examples of this model, which production was limited to 54 units.