1111 Singer Motors Limited 1,5 litre Sports

1500 Roadster


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    3114 X L4AD
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- An unusual roadster
- A good alternative to an MG
- In rare LHD form
- No reserve

Rare in France, Singer roadsters are an original alternative to MGs from the same era. This particular LHD example that we offer, LHD and with a counter in km/h for Continental Europe, is relatively well preserved. It still has its undamaged removable side panels and its interior is complete with its red leatherette seats of origin in a well-preserved state. The counter shows 58,227 km and when checking the engine compartment we noted the absence of the distributor's head.
The engines that featured this elegant roadster were twin overhead camshafts, in two versions, a 1100 on the Nine, or the 1500. This model is most likely a 1500, which was reserved exclusively for export. Aspirated by two carburetors and developing about fifty horses, this light car was capable of a top speed of over 160 km/h, but its popularity was hampered by its high price. For the record, it was aboard a Singer that Lionel Martin went up the hill of Aston for the first time. A month later, he began to work on a car of his own design, which would become the Aston Martin ...
This sporty roadster is an excellent opportunity to acquire a pleasant car to drive, in an original condition that, after restoration, would be ready for casual cruising.