1939 Simca Huit

1100 Berline


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Dutch registration
Chassis # 814818

- In beautiful condition
- An original and well designed car
- Doors opening vis-à-vis

What is striking about this model is the way the doors open: like two panels of a cabinet, they provide for excellent access to the cabin. This feature is usually the privilege of luxury cars and it is true that the Simca Eight in the late 1930s sold more than a Citroën Traction. Originally this car was launched by Fiat in 1937, designed by the same two engineers who designed the Fiat Topolino , Antonio Fessia and Dante Giacosa. Under a nicely designed body, they took care of the mechanicals, a 1100cc engine with hydraulic brakes and a 12 volt electric circuit. In France, the new Fiat was marketed under the name Simca Eight. Why this figure, given that the car had a taxable horsepower of 6hp? Probably to flatter buyers and highlight its performance, which was worthy of a higher category: indeed the car can reach a top speed of 110 km/h.
The serial number of this Simca Eight suggests that it was produced at the end of 1939. According to the plate on the dashboard, it would have belonged to Louis Méon, living in Sandaucourt, in the Vosges. Most recently, it has been part of a collection based out of the Netherlands.
This beautiful car has undergone a restoration and looks to be in good condition, with a red body and an interior in beige fabric with red pipings. The rubber seals were replaced and the circuit too. It features popular accessories, such as an exhaust fin, a swallow and a cover for the additional Marchal headlamps. It is equipped with white sidewall tires and the odometer reads 91,346km. This attractive car will delight a sensitive enthusiast who appreciates the originality of its doors opening vis-à-vis, and the look of a small compact saloon.