1955 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn


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Belgian registration
Chassis # LS0G82

- Luxurious and refined model
- In beautiful original condition
- Well preserved Interior

The Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn represented a small revolution. For the first time, this prestigious manufacturer was making a car entirely in its own factory, including the bodywork. For the brand, this was the beginning of an increase in the distribution and sales of their cars, which continue till the Silver Shadow, a model that would be produced in excess of 30,000 units. But that was later - the Silver Dawn remained a very exclusive car whose production run remained below 800 units. The car featured a six-cylinder 4.3-liter engine and then a 4.5-liter from 1951, powerful enough to take the car to nearly 160 km/h. Great performance for a roomy saloon, especially as this speed was reached in comfort and silence. The Silver Dawn had its equivalent in the Bentley range with the Mk VI and the Type R.
Registered new in Belgium on February 12, 1955, this Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn came in 1993 into the garage of our collector. It has a sleek black body with red coachlines, sober and majestic. Inside, the grey leather upholstery is not restored, but well preserved, and has a slight patina attesting to the use it has had. It is obviously equipped with refinements specific to this model, such as folding wooden shelves for the rear, storage pockets and well arranged ashtrays end armrests, plus grab handles... At the front, the beautiful dashboard is in dark wood, with all the essentials, as well as a Becker Monte Carlo radio, plus the original instruments. It is a LHD, the odometer reading 43,525 km. It is a nice car, well maintained, ready to take its occupants on a journey where comfort and luxury will make them forget time.