1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.P.

Convertible by Kellner


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French registration
Chassis # GTZ39
Engine # J3F

- Seductive cabriolet body style
- In beautiful condition
- Only two owners since 1968
- The best of France and England
- Formerly owned by Prince Charles Casimir Poniatowski

Introduced in 1929, the 20/25 corresponded to the title of a "little" Rolls-Royce, supposedly driven by its owner rather than a chauffeur as was the case with most of the "full-sized" Rolls-Royces. It succeeded the 20hp (also known as the "Twenty") and offered better mechanicals, in the form of a six-cylinder 3.7-liter engine. This model, which was not bodied by Rolls-Royce themselves ever, met with some success, with production until 1936.
Rolling out of the Rolls-Royce factory in July 1933, this 20/25 was initially bodied as a limousine, and belonged to Prince Charles Casimir Poniatowski. In 1938, according to information provided by the Rolls-Royce club, the car received a new cabriolet body by Kellner, in Paris, a body style that the car still fits. During World War II, the car was requisitioned by the German General Staff and then after the liberation of France, the car stayed on the Côte d' Azur, in the hands of an aristocrat. In the 1950s, it was used by a jazz pianist, and in 1968 it came into the collection of the late Dominique Geffré, well known among older auto enthusiasts from southwest of France, the founder of the OSV Classic which he was an active leader of. In 1997, the engine of this car underwent a complete restoration before it passed into the hands of the current owner, also a long time enthusiast, active in the French southwest region and a Regional Delegate of the "Fédération Française de Véhicules d'Époque" (FFVE). He undertook a restoration of the hood and front seats, while taking part in numerous rallies: the Circuit de Catalunya, Tour de Corse, Circuit Andorra Rally in Valencia, the 50th Rallye Costa Brava Rally Rolls-Royce, covering some 4,500km in ten years.
Today, this car offers a great look. Very pleasant to use thanks to its open body and six-cylinder flexibility, it is a great car for casual drives in the countryside.