1933 Riley 9


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1933 Riley 9hp 'Brooklands Special'
Registration no. UJ 2482
Chassis no. 6023934
Engine no. 49330

"The designs of the Nine were completed in 1925 and after a thorough road-testing programme which covered England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Alps, the car was announced to the world. Within a year, it had earned the reputation 'The Wonder car'." – David G Styles, Riley: As Old As The Industry.

First introduced in 1926, Percy Riley's 9hp, 1,087cc, twin-camshaft four was an outstanding engine design by any standards, various versions powering Rileys until 1957. Looking to all intents and purposes like a twin-overhead-camshaft design, the Nine's cross-flow cylinder head featured hemispherical combustion chambers and valves inclined at an included angle of 90 degrees. The twin gear-driven camshafts were mounted high in the block, operating the valves via short pushrods.

Right from the start it was obvious that the 9hp Riley engine possessed enormous potential as a competition unit, and at Brooklands J G Parry-Thomas and Reid Railton were the first to demonstrate just how good it was. Their success in 1,100cc class racing at Brooklands led to the introduction of a production version, the Speed Model, which soon became known as the Brooklands Nine. Numerous World Speed Records and famous class victories at Brooklands, Shelsley Walsh, the RAC Tourist Trophy, and Le Mans followed, while outright wins were secured at the Ulster TT and the JCC 1,000 Miles Race at Brooklands in 1932. Six-cylinder Brooklands and MPH models followed, and from these Riley developed the next of its 9hp four-cylinder sports cars: the Imp.

This Riley 'Brooklands Special' was restored mechanically (chassis, engine, transmission, electrics, etc) in 2013/2014 by pre-war Riley specialists. The car was fitted with an aluminium two-seater body built by Brooklands BodyCraft. A VSCC logbook was issued in 2014, and the following year the Riley competed in the Brooklands Double Twelve and was an entrant in the Circuit des Remparts concours in Angoulême. A relatively affordable entry into VSCC competitions, this expertly well-executed Riley 'Brooklands Special' is offered with V5C Registration Certificate. Ready to be used and enjoyed.