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    7 859 mi / 12 648 km
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    United States
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    603 BHP / 612 PS / 450 kW
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Offered for sale is this 2005 Porsche Carrera GT.

The Porsche Carrera GT is an amazing example of what constituted the idea of a “supercar" right past the turn of the century. Through this period of rapid technological growth, automakers began developing different computerized systems, utilizing how to propel and manage the ever-increasing power and ability that these cars were producing. With advancements and refinements in computer controls, all-wheel drive, traction aids and automated manual transmissions, the arrival of the “easy’ supercar was a revelation, making the incredible capabilities of these cars accessible - and relatively safe - for even an average driver.

All of those advancements, of course, is why the Carrera GT stood out - because Porsche decided that it was the perfect time to produce a sports car devoid of any of those driver aids at all. Porsche employed all of the most modern advancements available in terms of construction and engineering - a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis, dry sump lubrication for the racing derived V10, engine, carbon ceramic brakes and an inboard-mounted suspension. But while equipping the GT with ABS brakes, beyond that it has absolutely no traction aids beyond the driver’s ability to manage it. The only available transmission would be the six-speed manual transmission, with three pedals, along with a sharp three-disc carbon clutch that requires a sensitive left foot to properly employ.

This simplicity and honesty could be traced back in part to the origins of the Carrera GT, as an offshoot of Porsche’s racing cars from the era. The chassis was inspired by their LeMans racers from the era, while the engine was the result of an intent to supply a Formula 1 racing team with a spec V10 motor - a project that never came to fruition, but the sunk development costs gave Porsche the ability to consider its use in a street application.

Once Porsche developed and released the Carrera GT for production, the car quickly earned the reputation as being the true drivers car of the supercar bunch - certainly not the easiest of them to drive, by any metric. But even in contemporary assessments of the car and its performance, the consistent comments noted that it would probably be the last time that a major manufacturer would produce a car that simple and pure - between regulations, ever more powerful engines, and simple consumer demand, the Carrera GT was the standout for its commitment to a simple ideal. It is an incredible tool for the serious driver, and has an unspoken but clear challenge to that driver requiring commitment and focus the market hasn’t seen since then.

This particular example of the Carrera GT resides at Canepa in Scotts Valley California, a company that specializes in exclusive Porsches and that inspects and refurbishes every vehicle they have. It has been brought up to concours standards both mechanically and cosmetically, by a company that knows what to look for and the best approach in how to take care of them.

This Carrera GT was built in U.S. specification. It is finished in Carrera Silver with a black leather interior, and is powered by a mid-mounted 5.7 liter V10 engine, running to the rear wheels through a six speed manual transmission.

This Carrera GT has 7,859 original miles, with full documentation and history compiled in binders for the next owner. This GT is currently in the care of Canepa Cars in Scotts Valley, California, and has undergone a thorough mechanical and cosmetic inspection, addressing any issues in readying the car for sale.

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