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The 944 is a luxury sports car that was built by Porsche from 1982 to 1991 and was a step-change evolution of the preceding 924 model.

Following the international success of the 924, a more powerful Porsche-designed all-alloy 2.5 litre inline-four engine, producing 163 bhp, was introduced in 1982 for the 944. Porsche engineers were able to produce a very smooth running four-cylinder engine by utilising two counter-rotating balance shafts running at twice engine speed. These carry eccentric weights which produce inertial forces that balance out the unbalanced secondary forces, making a four-cylinder engine feel as smooth as a six-cylinder.

Cosmetically, the bodywork was revised with wider wheel arches (similar to that of the 924 Carrera GT), a fresh interior and upgrades to the braking and suspension systems. With greater visual presence and the performance to match, better handling, stopping power and more creature comforts, the 944 was a major step forward.

The front to rear weight bias was evened out thanks to the newly positioned rear transaxle balancing out the engine in the front. This meant that understeer could be transformed into oversteer progressively with accurate throttle control, resulting in one of the best and most predictable handling cars available in its day. The power steering is progressive with full power assistance at low speed, gradually decreasing as the speed increases, negating the age-old problem of steering vagueness at higher speeds.

The model history can be split in to two distinct periods: 1982 to 1989 (S1 cars with 2.5 & 2.7 litre engines) and 1989 to 1991 (S2 cars with 3.0 litre engines).

In mid-1985, the 944 underwent its first significant changes, including a new dash and door panels, embedded radio antenna, upgraded alternator, increased oil sump capacity, new front & rear cast alloy control and semi-trailing arms, larger fuel tank, optional heated and powered seats, Porsche HiFi sound system, and revisions in the mounting of the transaxle to reduce noise and vibration. The ‘cookie cutter' style wheels used in the early 944s were upgraded to new ‘phone dial' style wheels.

For the 1987 model year, the 944 Motronic DME (digital engine control unit) was updated, a newly incorporated anti-lock braking system became standard as did air-bags.

The car presented here is a 1987 944 2.5-litre, in stunningly original condition having covered just 19,523 validated miles. The sheer state of preservation of this car is remarkable. This is not a restored car, just one that has been used sparingly and maintained to the highest standards. Supplied with all its supporting book-pack components, including a fully stamped-up servicing interval book, all done by main dealers and marque specialists, this car is very special indeed.

In its original Alpine White paint, contrasting well with the Grey pin-striped cloth/leather sports-seats, the quality of this car is something special. Everything about the car suggests that this 944 is "right", from the factory smell of the cabin, to the engine bay appearance and the factory stickers under the boot carpet, this is a car that just emanates originality and enthusiastic levels of conservation.

The 1987 S1 is the 944 in its purest and most unspoilt form, with this example being a potential Concours d'Elegance winner with just minimal work. The 944, the 968 and even the 928 are seeing their values rise in the wake of the '911 explosion' and the smooth and nimble 944 is now happily being recognised as a very desirable classic car.



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