2014 Porsche 911

50th Anniversary Edition


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If you haven't owned Porsche's 50th edition 911, here is your chance for one of our favorite late model Porsches produced thus far. This low mile example in elegant Geyser Grey has had only 2 owners, both happen to be long time clients and friends of ours. Outfitted appropriately with no sunroof and the 7-speed manual transmission.

Nowadays, Porsche seems to be feeding all 918 owners and VIP clients plenty of new toys and getting away from the exclusivity in the 991 models. Indeed, Porsche is cranking out some special late model GT and RS 911s, but rarely knocking it out of the park on more affordable 911s as they did with the 50th. Porsche Ag. did a tremendous job designing and building these 50th anniversary models, which are essentially the first "limited production" 911s on the 991 chassis. Totaling 1,963 for the world, a chosen number to remind enthusiasts of the year Porsche introduced the 911 as the 901. Fast forward 50 years, and you have a 911 with 430 HP which will race to 60 mph in just over 4 seconds and thoughtfully retains elements from previous years. You can almost imagine the engineers at Weissach going through past decades and deciding on unmistakable wheels reminding Porsche loyalists of the Fuchs wheels standard on 911s for years. The "pepita" fabric or the iconic "hounds tooth" upholstery pattern seat inserts, or the dash instruments in green with white needles recreating the look of the first 911s. Then find a rare optioned example with no sunroof and manual transmission, park it alongside a 901 and you see two resembling 911s separated by 50 years. Five decades of brilliance behind this iconic sports car, the 911 leading the way for Porsche with exhilarating drives in the most elegant fashion.