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An original, 1973 left-hand drive,911T brilliantly modified to 2.8 RSR specificationDeliveredto the US in 1973. Returned to Germany in 2009Converted to RSR-spec byScuderia-Eleven GmbH. Engine rebuild Bienert Boxer-MotorenFinished in Grand Prix White. UK-registered with historic vehiclestatusAccompanied by its UK V5c, MOT certificate, DMSB Historic Technical Passport,FIA papers andan inspection report from Gunther Frey. Dipl.Ing (FH)The 'RSR',introduced in 1973 by the factory as an evolution of the already potent 2.7 RS,was both an official 'works' team car built to contest International World Championship 'Group' 4 GT endurance events and also available for privateer race teams in full competition trim. The 'RS' itself was a hugely successful development of the standard 2.4-litre flat-six. The engine was bored out to 2.7 and carefully massaged to produce 210 horsepower which was fed through a five-speed gearbox with uprated 4th and 5th cogs, all contributing to remarkable acceleration and a top speed of over 150 mph. Revised and stiffened suspension and larger four-wheel disc brakes complemented the increased power and ensured the RS remained perfectly balanced.An initial order of 500 RS' was produced to meet FIA 'Homologation Requirements' but the cars were so popular that production eventually totalled some 1,580 units. The most hardcore, no-nonsense, version of these race-focused 911s was the RSR. These Rennsport specials, with their dramatic, pumped-out wheel arches, intensified the standard 2.7 RS flavour in every way. Wider, lighter, faster, and more capable in every performance category, the RSR was the RS unrestricted, dialled in for maximum capability with scant regard for creature comforts. The formula was successful the 2.8 RSR is still recognised today as one of Porsches most successful race cars. Sadly, however, if the RSR was in the 'Periodic Table of Elements, it would be 'Unobtanium' as just 49 were built resulting in them rarely coming to market, and when they do, the numbers are not for the faint-hearted, broadly equivalent to a row of terrace houses in Bradford.Consequently, anyone wishing to experience the addictive blend of handling, balance, performance, feel and simple purity that is the RSR, has no choice but to create their own.We are pleased to offer for sale an original 1973 left-hand drive, 911T brilliantly modified to 2.8 RSR specification and accompanied by anFIA Technical Passport (Competition GT; Class GTS27). Unusually, for a conversion of this nature, the car is UK-registered with Historic Vehicle tax status and could be used on the road or circuit.Chassis Number 9113100481 was originally delivered to the USA in March 1973, however much of its early history is unknown. In 1991, it was registered as belonging to Patricia J Vanleen of Baton Rouge, Los Angeles and in October 2009 was returned to Germany in the care of the S & N Automobilzentrum Aachen Gmbh. From July 2010 until October 2017, the car was the pride and joy of the previous owner, who sold it through Silverstone Auctions Porsche sale in October 2017. Duringhis seven-year ownership, upon arrival in Germany, the decision was taken to create an accurate RSR replica using the 911T as a basis and this work was entrusted to 'Scuderia-Eleven' with the engine left in the capable hands of Bienert Boxer-Motoren, who have over 25 year'sexperience in preparing air-cooled Porche engines.The specification is too long to detail here but briefly; Original engine type 911/51 (2.4 Litre, 140bhp) replaced with 1974/75, 911/41 engine taken out to2.8-litres, compression ratio 10.8: 1 producing 265 bhp with mechanical fuel injection, and dualignition. Five-speed, 'short-shift' 915 gearbox and a ZF LSD. Front strut-brace, adjustable front shocks, adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, front and rear polyurethane axle bushes, thicker torsion bars, and steel braided brake lines. Front tyres: 215/55 R1, rear tyres 270/45 R15. Wheels front: 9Jx15 and rear 11Jx15. The bumpers, front and rear bonnets and the wings were replaced with composite parts. 'Makrolon' polycarbonate side and rear windows. Welded-in multi point roll cage. Sports steering wheel, sports seats with full harnesses and aluminium footplates. The final set-up was completed by Kadach.com for Harry Utesche at DLS Automobile in Stuttgart.The previous owner, a well-known racing driver who has raced RSRs in the past, admits There is no excuse or way to avoid the fact that I fell completely in love with this car some time before it came to market. For me, it was the perfect looking, quintessential 911. Having owned the car for seven years he confirmed, It is THE most tactile, malleable and sweet performer on the circuit with very much the right amount of power matching the grip available with a performance not so far from the delightful racetrack-only Chevron B8s etc. Around Spa andMonza, it was just pure racing delight.Enjoyed by the current owner for the past couple of years the time has now come for someone else to enjoy this special motor car. The new owner of this wonderful 911 has a number of options. It's a legal and perfectly usable road car, although, with a full competition suspension set-up, it wouldn't be long before you became good friends with your chiropractor, it could be developed into a pure, no-holds-barred, full house racer, or left as it is, an 'on-the-button' entry for some of Europe's most prestigious events including Tour Auto, Spa Classic, and the Monza Historic.Finished in sparkling Grand Prix White, this immaculate Porsche is accompanied by its UK V5C, MOT Certificate, DMSB Historic Technical Passport, and an inspection report from Gunther Frey. Dipl.Ing (FH). The car's FIA papers were issued in 2012 and are therefore still current. It would probably cost over 200,000 pounds to prepare a car to this spec today and, at this guide, we feel that this stunning road/race 911 represents tremendous value for money and welcome any inspection.mediumVideo of the Porsche 911 RSR

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