1973 Porsche 911

911 Carrera 2,7L RS Touring


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French title

- Iconic model
- Beautiful presentation
- Interesting provenance
- From the collection of Jean-Paul Driot, founder of the DAMS team

Imported from Germany in 1990 by Daniel Watelet, in the south of France, this car remained in his ownership until 2005, when it was acquired by Jean-Paul Driot, co-founder of the well-known and prestigious DAMS team created in 1988. Starting in 1997 it was completely restored and the engine was sent to the workshop of specialist and historic racing driver Marc de Siebenthal in Switzerland. Work carried out included the fitting of a replacement 7R pinned crankcase (stamped with the original engine number), the oil supply was modified, a 3.2-litre version of the oil pump was adapted, the crankshaft and con rods were replaced and new pistons and cylinders were fitted, giving a compression ratio of 10.3 :1 (originally 8.5 :1). According to the previous owner, the car produced 230 bhp, and a test drive with Mr Driot's mechanic confirmed that the car is particularly lively.
In 1998 the body was completely stripped and repainted a very attractive " gulf blue ", replacing the original " red indiana ". At this time it was fitted with aluminium doors and " lightweight " door trim. The car is also equipped with large brake calipers (the original ones will be supplied with the car), a close ratio gearbox and a strut bar between the front shock absorber mounts.
The car has participated several times in the Rallye du Maroc Classic, which the current owner won in 2004. It is still fitted with a protective plate at the back, six-point roll cage, Recaro bucket seats and a tripmaster. In 2014 it was given a general check over and service in the Classic et Moderne Racing workshops in Alès. The concealed number of the body has been checked by the previous owner with Porsche who have confirmed that it is the original number.
The Carrera 2.7 RS (Rennsport) is one of the most iconic Porsche models. It was created to reinforce the marque's presence in Groups 3 and 4, and in order to compete in the World Championship for Makes, over 500 examples had to be built. The base of the new model was the 911 S, using the six-cylinder engine with Nikasil-coated bores, already tested on the 917, that increased the engine size to 2 687 cc. Modifications to the aerodynamics included the famous rear 'duck tail', a signature piece of styling on this model. The body was also lightened, with two versions available: the M471 Sport (known as " Lightweight ") and the M472 Touring. The first was stripped of all superfluous detailing while the latter retained some element of comfort.
Unveiled at the 1972 Paris Motor Show, the Carrera RS met with such success that the first 500 examples were sold in the first week; Porsche ultimately produced 1 508 examples. It won countless victories in competition and played a major role in creating the 911's legendary status.
The immaculate example on offer is extremely well prepared, making this a rare opportunity to buy one of the rarest and most highly sought-after road-going Porsches.