1972 Porsche 911


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    123 000 mi / 197 950 km
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This superb 911T was built on 07/10/1971 (1972 M/Y)and shipped to CaliforniaIt was supplied to Porsche Audi Pacificfinished in8080 Silver Metallic with black leatheretteOptioned from new with15mm roll-bars, electric sunroof, 6 x 15" alloy wheels and sportseatsJust threeowners documented,the second (1974 - 2016) being American actor Sandy HelbergImported into the UK in 2016 and substantiallyrestored byA V ClassicsRestoration completed with final detailing byGreatworth Classics (12,000)Retains its original panels but benefits from a new Dansk stainless exhaust along with new door cards, carpets,storage bins, fuel lines, pump and braking systemWith itsoriginal handbook,the service book with a few early entriesanda nice history fileAfter the fourth-series 356 model, referred to as the C, made its debut in 1964, Porsches next model, the 911 Series, was already on Ferdinand Butzi Porsches drawing board. The new Porsche remained rear-engined with a unit-body chassis, but the four-cylinder was replaced by a smooth two-litre air-cooled flat-six mated to a fouror five-speed all-synchromesh transmission. The 911 was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 1963, meeting all the criteria set out by Dr Porsche. It resembled the previous model but was more powerful, smoother, quieter, and had more space for people and luggage than the 356. The 911 body was functional and breathtakingly attractive in an ageless design that has remained remarkably consistent and incredibly pure to the original design right up to the current 911 offerings.By 1972, the year of the attractive and fully restored example presented here, the engine displacement had been increased to 2,341cc (2.4-L) which produced 140bhp in the 911T. For just one year of production in 1972, in an attempt to move as much weight as possible towards the centre of the car, the oil tank was repositioned inboard of the right rear wheel arch, resulting in the introduction of an external oil filler cap on the right-hand side rear wing behind a flap ('Oel Klappe'). The propensity for petrol station attendants to fill the oil tank with fuel, and the resulting warranty claims, quickly persuaded Porsche to change the design and 1972 'Oel Klappe' cars became difficult to sell, possibly resulting in their comparative scarcity today. As is often the case, that rarity has resulted in the 'Oel Klappe' cars now being the most desirable.XEU 529K was builton the 7th of October 1971, shipped to the United States and supplied to Porsche Audi Pacific in Californiafinished in 8080 Silver Metallic over a BlackLeatherette interior. The car was fitted with optional 15mm front and rear stabiliser bars alongwith an electric sunroof, 6 x 15" alloy wheels,'Sport'front seats and a leather-bound steering wheel. The first owner kept the car until 1974 when it was bought by a German-born American actor, Sandy Helberg. Sandy kept the car for an astonishing 42 years before it was UK bound in2016/17. Our vendor, the car's first UK owner, commissioned a restorationwhich was undertaken by AV Classicswho took the car back to bare metal discoveringthat its time in California had been very kind to the 'T' andthat the original panels were clearly in good shape.AV Classics, unfortunately, ran into difficulties and hadto shut down,so thePorschewas duly sent to the experienced team at Greatworth Classics near Banbury who dealt with all the outstanding jobs and finished the car off with great attention to detail, the final bill coming to around12,000, all detailed in the history file. Within the file are an original handbook and service book with a few early stamps which is unusual for an American import. The file also includes many documents with Mr Helburgs details on and some old invoices and receipts showing some good maintenance history. This is a fabulous example of the very rare, one-year-only,'Oel Klappe'carand is very competitively guided at 60 - 70K.1972 Porsche 911Thttps://youtu.be/twk7dFeawuwfalse