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The line-up for the 1972-73 Porsche 911 range consisted of the entry level 'T', the mid-range 'E' and the top specification 'S'. All were fitted with the new 2,341cc engine in various levels of tune.  Both the 911E and the 911S had mechanical fuel injection (MFI) giving 165bhp and 190bhp respectively. The transmission was also redesigned to handle the extra power, the dogleg first gear was dropped and this new gearbox was designated, internally, the 915. For the 1972 models, Porsche moved the engine oil tank forward to sit in front of the rear wheel line, as part of a number of small changes all designed to improve the front/rear weight distribution and reduce the notorius 'pendulum effect'.

This 1969, left-hand drive, 911E Targa is a handsomely presented example from the East Coast of America. Finished in very rare and attractive Ossie Blue paintwork this sports car looks every piece the archetypal 911 of the period, but with a trick or two up its sleeve...

Externally this Targa appears delightfully standard and resembles a car straight from the factory in '69, however, in the engine compartment hides a later 3.2 Carrera engine with induction supplied by some increasingly rare 46mm Weber carburetors making this a seriously quick Porsche. With a standard interior finished in original black leather trim, new seat belts, new and very expensive door bins, clocks and the dashboard in great condition everything about the car says 'sheep' except the engine which screams 'wolf'.

To manage the increased power, the wheels are driven by the strengthened 915 gearbox, though this does nothing to affect the cosmetic appearance of the cabin. Similarly, larger front and rear anti-roll bars have been fitted. This is a deceptively fast early 911, more than capable of keeping up with modern traffic, wrapped in a classic and rare package.  Ok, we concede this may not be one for the purists amongst you, but for the enthusiastic driver, you need look no further... Your search ends here!

This 911 is freshly MoT'd and the application for a UK registration number is underway.  It is expected to arrive land imminently and will be applied to the car before the sale meaning that, subject to the necessary insurance, it can be driven away.  All late sixties and early seventies Porsches' have enjoyed newfound status amongst the classic car fraternity in the past 18 months, and this trend looks unlikely to end soon with 911T's and E's hotly tipped by many market commentators as being particularly sought after in 2016.


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