1986 Porsche 911 "Turbo"


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We would like to comment on this sports car in detail shortly, if the weather conditions allow us a long drive. Until then, we ask for patience and the compliant attention already collected things worth knowing about it. The turbo goes through the "small" cosmetic program with us, where the adjustable gap dimensions of the two hoods are adjusted as best as possible. Please do not bother about it for the time being. These works are the small 1x1 of our specialists and therefore soon eliminated.

Here are the facts in advance:

Year of construction 1986

current mileage 112,000 (also gives no reason to doubt this on the part of the state)

The car is 100% stainless

First delivery USA

Apparently and according to Carfax (2 times with 10-year interval) accident-free

electric sunroof

The car was repainted in the original color S7 silver metallic (quality very good)

The car was optimized in America by Andial:
- Turbocharger Kokeln 27
- Intercooler Kokeln
- BB exhaust manifold
- Shift shortening
- Porsche Clubsport steering wheel
- strut brace from world champion
- Brakes were overhauled
- Separate boost pressure gauge
- BMC sport air filter
- Distance climate

After import into the FRG, the engine was overhauled due to leaks, this work carried out.

- Cylinder heads blasted
- Defective valve guides squeezed out and replaced with new ones
- Valves cleaned and ground
- Valve seats
- Milled by Schöffler "Le Mans" Seals - Fuel pump replaced
- Suction intake renewed
- HKZ replaced
- Transmission
oil renewed
- Simmer rings renewed - Large inspection
- Bearing renewed
Flow divider newly sealed and adjusted - Powerflex bushes replaced
- New windscreen
- New fog lights
- Dashboard replaced and leathered
- Removal rear window wiper
- Rims refurbished and new Toyo Semis

In addition, the following work was carried out:

- integrated in existing intercoolers a modern high-performance network (HFT)
- speedometer and counter documented on km-level
- original turbo seats installed with heating
- vehicle completely prepared
- after running-in phase about 4000 km oil change carried out and again sports air
filter mounted - TÜV is current and in 10/17 carried out without defects.

- Performance measurement on MAHA roller dynamometer with deactivated Andial hardware and series boost pressure 0.85 bar Result of the standard power of 348.5 hp