1995 Porsche 911 / 993 Carrera

23,755kms (14,760 miles) from new


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    14 139 mi / 22 755 km
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1995 Porsche 911 993 Carrera Coupé

Only 23,755kms (14,760 miles) and complete history from new. The definitive 993.

Benchmark originality
23,755kms (14,760 miles) from new
Fully documented ownership history
All original books, tools and spare keys
A modern classic and the last air-cooled 911
Specified new with air-con, heated seats, cruise control and 17” wheels

With just 23,754 kms (14,760 miles) from new, this is undoubtedly among the purest and lowest mileage 993s in existence.

Aesthetically the 964-series Porsche 911 had a tendency to polarise its audience into being either the staunchest of devotees or the harshest of critics, but its 993 successor has always been universally adored. The 964’s uneasy bumpers were gone and it seemed as though Porsche had gone back to basics, with a clean, classic and uncluttered design for the 993.

Fresh air had been breathed upon the underpinnings too with major revisions made to the rear suspension, a more powerful 3.6-litre engine and the new 6-speed gearbox – a first for any 911.

The 993 Carrera Coupe you see here is a pure as you are likely to find and, with rear wheel drive & a manual gearbox, it is deeply reminiscent of the earliest 911s.

Built in 1995 this 993 was delivered new to Porsche Södertälje and came well appointed with the optional air-conditioning, 17” wheels, cruise control and, perhaps not surprisingly for Sweden, heated seats.

First owner Ms Brett-Louise Tengvall enjoyed her Porsche for some three years, before it was sold by the Porsche Centre Stockholm on 14th October 1998. A Porsche guarantee certificate issued to the second owner, Sven-Åke Mildner, confirms that the 911 had covered just 3,500kms at this time.

Over the next 11 years Mr Mildner used the 911 little and often, entrusting its maintenance to specialists and covering approximately 18,000kms. The Porsche would remain in the Mildner family until for a further five years, with Christmas coming early for Paul Christian Mildner, who became the next owner on 15th December 2009.

By the time the Mildner family sold the Porsche to Dr. Per Bosemark in February 2014, the odometer had counted just 23,075 kms.

Not even 700kms have been driven since that time, with the Porsche joining one of Europe’s significant car collections in 2017 and coming to us thereafter. All books, tools and spare keys have been retained.

Supremely well documented and surviving in a condition rarely seen from these famously reliable, usable & usually high mileage sports cars, this Porsche 911 really does set the benchmark.