1963 Porsche 356


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French title
Chassis n° 123909
Engine n° P97089

- Superb condition
- Mechanically refurbished and well set up
- One of the rarest and most highly sought-after 356s
- Original colour combination

The official Porsche "Kardex" tells us that this car left the factory on 25 April 1963, with engine n°97253. It was liveried in "Schiefergrau 6201A" (slate gray), with red leatherette interior, the colour scheme it has today. It was also fitted with headlight protectors. The car sold through the intermediary Autogerma, in Bologna, to its first owner, Giovanni Battista Parodi, of Via G. Nazzini 18, in Alessandria.

According to what we know of the car's history, it was bought in 1979 by Mr Marinello, of Eleven Parts. It was already fitted with engine n°97089, a genuine Carrera 2 engine, and had covered 65 000 km. Marinello started by refurbishing both the mechanics and the body which showed no sign of corrosion or accident. Having run the car for approximately 50 000 km, he then rebuilt the engine, and won several prizes in different concours events. In 1990, when the odometer stood at 130 000 km, Marinello sold the car to Mr Abe from Germany. Two years later, following a minor collision, the Kaan workshop bought the Porsche and completely restored it (there is a dossier of photographs documenting this work). They fitted their plaque on the inside left-hand door and sold the Carrera 2 to Mr Hofbauer from Vienna. During this period, the car came to France, and was owned by Mr C. Picasso during the first half of the 2000s. In 2006, it was bought by another eminent collector, Michel Seydoux, the well-known French film producer, who sold it to the current owner in 2009. The latter, noticing an unusual engine noise when the car was warm, decided to have this rectified. The work was carried out by Karl Hloch in Stuttgart, a leading four-cylinder four-cam specialist, a sub-contractor for Straehle. There are invoices in the file detailing this and other work to the brakes, windscreen, fuel pump, adjustment to the valves and the ignition. The current owner, who owns three other Porsches, kept this car for trips around Provence and the Alps, and has had it rigorously maintained by Michel Baumet, the renowned specialist based in Avignon.
Presented today in its original colour scheme, with its well-preserved red leatherette upholstery, the car is in unusually good condition for the model. One of the most distinctive features of 356 Carrera is the engine, which, like the 550 Spyder, was developed from competition versions. It was designed with two overhead cams per bank and twin ignition, which allowed a significant increase in power.
The car on offer is a genuine Carrera 2 with 2000 GS engine. This is one of the rarest, most iconic, powerful and highly sought after models in the 356 family, of which under 500 examples were produced. Few opportunities arise to acquire this model, and even fewer for an example in such good condition.