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1979 Pontiac Trans-Am Daytona/10th Anniversary Coupe

Designer: William "Bill" Mitchell

Estimate: $30,000 - $50,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: 2X87Z9L182003

Decoded: 2=Pontiac; X=Trans Am 10th Anniversary Ed.; 87=Coupe; Z=400 cid V8; 9=1979; L=Van Nuys, CA assembly; 182003=82,003rd 1979 Firebird Trans Am scheduled for production at Van Nuys.

Engine: 6.6 L (400 cid) OHV V8

4-barrel carburetor/220 bhp

4-Speed Manual Transmission

Power-Assisted Four-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: 51,585 miles.

Limited Production from the Factory

Appointed with All the Right Stuff

Pontiac's Performance Last Hurrah

The Model - 1979 would be a high-water mark for Pontiac's Trans-Am. It marked this performance edition of the Firebird's 10th Anniversary, it also marked the first time that Trans-Am would be selected to pace NASCAR's Daytona 500 race. These two events were rolled into one package that saw plenty of popularity when new. It also marked the end of the installation of the engine that made Trans-Am a legend, the mighty 400 cubic-inch V8. Even in its toned-down form that year, there was enough power at the end of the accelerator to warm the hearts of any gearhead. When mated to the four-speed transmission, it was a force to reckon with. Yes, they had a special two-tone paint treatment and the pretty decals promoting the legendary Daytona 500, but for a select few, there was also the 400-cubic inch V8 and a four-speed manual transmission. Today in the collector-car world, the 1979 models have become highly sought after with unrestored and well-maintained examples commanding premium dollars.

The Car - Born at General Motors' Van Nuys Plant in Southern California, this car was technically not available for sale in the Golden State. The mighty 400 was just too much for the highways to handle, also there were some questions about emissions. That little fact aside, these cars were very limited in numbers with just 1,817 produced with this very desired power-train. Everything is right with this Trans-Am, the proper Platinum over Charcoal paint scheme, factory decals on the side and on the hood with the famous "Screaming Eagle", and under the hood is just as it came from the factory. Showing under 52,000 miles from new, there are a few little tell-tale hints that this car has seen the road, but the appearance is nearly new. Fitted with a factory AM-FM/8-track sound system, glide on back to those Disco days and be the king of cool. Those factory alloy wheels have never been used as curb feelers and are shod with a set of B. F. Goodrich Radial T/A tires, this car is turn-key ready to hit the road and not be hidden away in a dark garage or carted around in an enclosed trailer. Considered by many to represent the muscle-car era's last gasp, don't let the chance to own some excitement slip through your fingers.

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