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1979 Pontiac Trans-Am Coupe

Designer: William "Bill" Mitchell

Estimate: $25,000 - $45,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: 2W87Z9N132169

Decoded: 2=Pontiac; W=Trans Am; 87=Coupe; Z=400 cid V8; 9=1979; N=Norwood, OH assembly; 132169=32,169th 1979 Firebird Trans Am scheduled for production at Norwood.

Engine: 6.6 L (400 cid) OHV V8

4-barrel carburetor/220 bhp

4-Speed Manual Transmission

Power-Assisted Four-Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: 21,875 miles.

Pinnacle of Trans-Am Performance and Popularity

Extremely Well Preserved and Presented

Totally Original Cosmetics and Mechanics

The Model - Born as a very limited-edition performance version to compete in Trans-Am racing, Pontiac's Trans-Am through the 1970's became the last hold-out for the days of factory performance vehicles. Starting in 1972, the HP ratings were presented in a way to make the car look meek and mild, but those who knew how to handle one of these cars knew that the advertised output was just a number, one that was rather low. This year would mark the last installation of the Pontiac born and bred 400 cubic incher which saw very limited installation numbers, with most of these cars being equipped with the Oldsmobile created 403 V8, which was more emissions friendly. The Z-code 400 V8 was tuned up to the best that it could be considering government and environmental restrictions placed on these vehicles. Trans-Am had grown into a gentleman's sports coupe, which many ladies also enjoyed time behind the three-spoke steering wheel. With looks, power and comfort, many consider 1979 to be the real end of the muscle-car era, the era that Pontiac had ushered in back in 1964.

The Car - In 1979, probably the coolest 4-place car one could own would be the Trans-Am. The temptation to drive hard, drive fast and test out one's high-speed performance skills led to many of these cars getting sideways and teaching the driver a quick lesson in physics. Quite a few, if not most of these Trans-Ams were not spared from lighting up the tires or seeing how close to red-line one could rev the engine. This mighty car is one of those lucky survivors, one where it might have been revved a few times, even did a burnout or two, but at the hands of an experienced driver. Presented in its original Gold metallic finish, the saddle tan vinyl seats look fresh and supple. It is a very well-equipped car starting with that Z-code 400 cid V8, one of just 2,485 Trans-Am coupes to be so equipped. Everything is there, the tachometer and clock, a speedometer that is marked to 100 mph which the car was quite capable of exceeding. The Gold-tone Snowflake wheels are wearing vintage Goodyear Eagle GT+4 tires which the space-saver spare is secured in the immaculate luggage compartment. With low miles from new in unmolested condition, this is a rare opportunity to own the last of the real performance bred Pontiacs, do not miss this chance.

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