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    61 620 mi / 99 168 km
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    147 PS / 109 kW / 145 BHP
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Buy in aftersale at auctomobile.com for €8.900
US market example
Rare V6 engine version
Only 61.000 miles
Clean US title
Original condition, mechanically overhauled
Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, storage and Trusted Checkout payment

The Peugeot 505 was certainly one of the biggest success stories of the 1980s for the manufacturer from Sochaux. Its production reached almost 1.4 million cars and was spanned from 1979 to 1992. High sales were no wonder when the French firm called Pinifarina for the exterior, and Paul Bracq for its interior designs. Its robust engines and bodywork have made it a popular choice in tough markets such as North Africa, and its size and comfort made the 505 an interesting alternative on the US market, compared to German and Japanese competition: Peugeot managed to sell 121871 five-o-fives in the US alone, which represents almost 10% of the total model production.

The big sedan from Sochaux was also a milestone car, as it was the last rear wheel drive model to leave the French factory. Despite being modernized in 1985, the smoothened-out Pinifarina design still remained light and fresh. The first choice for enthousiasts is the 2.2-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine engineered by Chrysler-Simca, and re-engineered by Porsche especially for the 505. Second comes the well known V6 PRV engine, really popular in the North American markets. This French sedan, with fully independent suspension is also very quick in the corners making it a cool option compared to the BMW E28, for example.

This 505 STX offered for auction is a US market car equipped with a V6 engine and an automatic gearbox. Ordered in grey over blue leather, it is one of the 5305 US-models manufactured for the 1988 production year. The car had today a little bit over 61 000 miles and comes with a clean US title, and was imported to Poland as a non runner, although after inspection it only needed a major service to take it back on the road. The 505 joined a 1980s „iconic” car collection which core is made by US-versions of European cars from that era. It has all its import duties paid and comes with two boxes of spare parts, two keys and and service books.

On the outside, the car presents very well, it presents no rust, chromes are well preserved and the paint is still good looking – no blemishes are visible. When it comes to paint measurement the left side of the Peugeot is under 180 microns except for the rear right wing, under the decorative side skirt, where minor bodywork was perfomed. The boot is at 190 microns, the whole right side is between 110 and 130 microns, making us believe the right side of the car is original paint. The blue leather interior is in fantastic condition – all plastics seem to be in as new condition, and seats present only minor wear.

In terms of mechanics, the car had an engine overhaul done at a specialist workshop for the engine along with an oil service, a rebuild of the A/C compressor and a brake overhaul was also performed. The 505 has also small blemishes – the power steering pump sometimes blocks itself, and several control lights come on and off on the dashboard – a common problem in older Peugeots.

This Peugeot 505 is certainly a complete vehicle, not only for an enthusiast of rare sedans, but also for someone looking for a well preserved youngtimer with a twist.

All original. No modifications made.

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