1983 Peugeot 504


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French title

Engine nø T71130VA

- High quality restoration
- Elegant Pininfarina body
- Superb level of finish
- No reserve

This cabriolet 504 is believed to have spent part of its life travelling between Germany (L”rrach), and Alicante, in Spain, where a previous owner had a second home, taking her car there regularly. Some twenty years ago, she entrusted the cabriolet to a Peugeot workshop, to have restoration work carried out. Unfortunately, she disappeared before the work was finished, so the person in charge of the workshop bought the car back and the project was then finished off to the highest standards. This included stripping the body back to bare metal, and refurbishing the upholstery and carpets, also the replacement of the plastic bumpers with the earlier, more elegant chrome versions. Since it has been bought by the current owner in 2013, the car has been regularly maintained, with various mechanical works carried out (clutch, fuel pump, radiator, fitting of electronic ignition, injection adjustment). The 2-litre four-cylinder injection engine gives the car a performance worthy of its Pininfarina-designed, elegant coachwork. Comfortable and well equipped, this is an ideal car for undertaking short or long-distance journeys without a second thought.