1938 Peugeot 402


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Dutch title - Very original car, unique model - High quality restoration Having been registered new in 1938 in Belgium, this extremely original car re-emerged from the shadows in the 1960s, discovered at the Zolder circuit. One theory is that, having been used in competition throughout its career, it was then abandoned at the Belgian circuit. At the time, a man called François Pairoux was responsible for towing away vehicles that had been left behind. Having recovered this particular Peugeot in 1963, he kept it until 1987, before selling it to Mr Edgard Janssen, a Belgian enthusiast. Janssen registered the car JDD 514 and then sold the roadster to the Dutch collector Frans Piesters. It subsequently passed into the hands of the current owner. The shape of this car clearly brings to mind the 302 and 402 Darl'Mat "spéciale sport", built by the coachbuilder Pourtout from a design by Georges Paulin. Combining elegance with aerodynamic styling, its design was based on principles used later on other cars such as the famous Bentley Embiricos. Equipped with a modified Peugeot engine, these sports cars ran in the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1937 and 1938, achieving very creditable results given its touring car chassis. The roadster on offer has the same overall shape, but is more compact, and built on a shortened chassis. Its construction suggests that it was designed for competition, with less wood used in its structure than usual, and with panels in aluminium. Presented in black with red interior, the car was thoroughly restored some years ago, when it was dismantled, back to the chassis, and all elements reconditioned and restored as necessary. The upholstery was also renewed at this time, and the hubcaps appropriately refinished. The car was completely rebuilt mechanically, and is today equipped with its original Peugeot 402 OHV engine, with a correctly numbered Darl'Mat high compression cylinder head. This is mated to a Peugeot 402 three-speed gearbox, rather than the Cotal normally used in the Darl'Mats. The straightforward mechanical set-up makes the car very easy to drive and maintain. It is very useable and offers a great performance for a pre-war car, with streamlined coachwork of an unrivalled elegance and originality.