1937 Peugeot 201


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis # 532511

- Complete overhaul
- Rare cabriolet version
- Elegant coachwork
- No reserve

The Peugeot 201 had two special features, which made it an important model in the history of the brand: it was the first model to adopt a branding of a central figure with zero, and secondly it was the first Peugeot (from 1932) equipped with independent front suspension. The 201 replaced the 5 CV Type 190 and was one of the stars of the 1929 edition of the Paris Motor Show. With its modern appearance that moved away from the buggy style it was well equipped and had a neat finish. It was eventually replaced in 1938 by the 202. The 201 M we are offering is in its final version, and comes equipped with a 1465cc engine, the most powerful of the series.

This car has received a complete restoration when it belonged to an enthusiast from South West of France. A photo before the restoration shows a complete and sound base, ideal for a quality restoration.The restoration work was entrusted to établissements ARES (Atelier de restauration automobile de l'Essonne), at Grigny, and a detailed invoice file shows the quantum of work done: the car was disassembled down to the chassis and the engine has been overhauled, as well as the wiring harness. The body was repainted in an elegant grey / navy blue combo, with matching leather upholstery and similarly colored carpets. The chrome was also redone and the soft top in navy blue alpaca works perfectly. A circuit breaker has been added.
A test drive demonstrated that this Peugeot 201 works like clockwork, and the easy use of the gearbox and clutch makes it a very pleasant car to use.
With its elegant and sleek bodywork, this 201 is a very enjoyable car to use which is sure to attract sympathy on its way.