1928 Panhard et Levassor Type X63


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French registration papers

Chassis n° 70693
- Rare and interesting model
- Well restored
- Matching engine
In 1891, Panhard & Levassor marketed the first production car fitted with the Daimler engine: the P2D. The firm is also at the origin of the Panhard system which defines the classic architecture of the front engine driving via a clutch, a gearbox and a differential. The manufacturer very quickly acquired a good reputation and its cars were deemed efficient and opulent. The first decade of the 20th century was one of expansion and technical improvement with, from 1904, intake valve and large displacement engines.
Always at the forefront of innovation, Panhard & Levassor in 1911 offered a new type of valveless engine based on the patent filed by Charles Yale Knight. The valves were replaced by sliding liners covering and uncovering the intake and exhaust openings. This new system was first installed on the 20 CV Panhard equipped with a 4-cylinder 4400 cc engine. The sliding liners were originally made of cast iron, a self-lubricating material. But these liners are thick and heavy, they prevent rapid ramp-ups and high rotational speeds. From 1923, the manufacturer innovated with new thin, steel liners, much lighter. Thanks to this technical advance, the engines run faster and become more nervous. Panhard & Levassor built its first valveless six-cylinder in 1927 and would only offer six-cylinder from 1934. Equipped with right-hand steering like all French luxury cars, the X63 is powered by a 2344 cm3 six-cylinder developing 12 HP. Its SK6C4 type engine is associated with a 4-speed gearbox. The type 63 was manufactured in 1629 copies from 1928 to 1931.
Acquired in the 1980s, the specimen we present is a 1928 roadster. It was fully restored a few years ago and is now in very good condition. It has a two-tone red and yellow livery associated with a brown leatherette upholstery. Its chrome is sparkling and the woodwork is very well preserved. Its mechanics will require a restart.

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