1111 Panhard et Levassor

6CS limousine X72


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- Elegant design
- Looks complete
- A prestigious model
- No reserve

The Panhard brand has always stood out for its originality and this car is no exception to the rule. It is actually equipped with the 2.5-liter six-cylinder valveless Knight engine. It needs special lubrication, but is characterized by its flexibility and its silent running, rare for its time, which explains why Gabriel Voisin appreciated it too.
The 6CS that we are offering has a gorgeous limousine body with separation for the chauffeur. The upholstery is deteriorated but complete. The rear compartment is separated by a wind-down window division and the rear features folding seats. The front dash is in painted metal, which shows a very stylish "Art Deco" style and it still has its Jaeger instruments. We can make out an old registration which could be 3515 YB 5.
The elegant line of the Panhard was enhanced by the drawings of Alexis Kow, to whom we owe almost all the advertising of the brand at that time. Overall very well built, with a sense of accomplishment in the details, the Panhards were much appreciated by wealthy clients. This one provides an excellent base for restoration, so that it can be restored back to the splendor that this car deserves.