1986 Morgan Plus 8

In very good mechanical and cosmetic condition


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    Convertible / Roadster
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Iconic British sports car
Offers real driving thrills
Elegant styling but with a hidden gem under the bonnet – the 3.5-litre Rover V8
Overall the car is in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition
4-speed manual gearbox
Hand-built at Morgan’s Malvern factory
Introduced in 1968 and remaining in production until 2004, the Morgan Plus 8 remains one of the most exciting of all Morgans

The Morgan Motor Company is among the oldest independent automobile companies in existence with their turn of the century factory in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England, producing classic sports cars today just as it has for over 100 years.

Steadfastly traditional and quintessentially British, Morgan’s four-wheeled heritage can be traced back to the original 4/4 of 1936, an affordable sports car popular with enthusiastic drivers and racers before the war.

Production began in May 1968 and the Plus 8 evolved into an excellent sports car over the years, adopting Rover’s four-speed gearbox in April 1972 in place of the faithful old Moss box, the more powerful SD1 engine (still with twin SU carburettors but 155bhp on tap) and a five-speed gearbox in October 1976. From 1976 the Morgan became available with the improved V8 engine with injection.

These later cars also benefited from further revisions to the chassis, including wider track.

A road test of a Plus 8 conducted by the Autocar magazine in March 1987 returned the impressive figures of 0-60mph in just 5.6 seconds and a maximum speed of 122mph.

The Plus 8 was hand-built at Morgan’s Malvern factory in tiny numbers and remained in production until 2004, the demise of the Rover V8 ultimately heralding the end of the road.


This Morgan was originally registered on the 29th January 1987 and the car has the desirable injection V8 Rover engine.

The Morgan has a beautiful color combination of Cream with Yarwood Beige interior piped green and matching carpets.

Options included chrome wire wheels, head lamps, a walnut dashboard and extra tread rubbers on the front wing – a typically Morgan extra!

Fitted in the Morgan is a Terratrip tripmaster which is nicely mounted in the glovebox space on the dashboard.

This fabulous Plus Eight has covered less than 35,000 miles in thirty-four years and its condition is absolutely commensurate with that.

The wet-weather gear, sidescreens and tonneau are all complete with the car and are in excellent condition. The former owner let made the soft top with windows on top to make the inside more light when driving the car with the soft top.

The Morgan is beautiful presented and was part of a collection in the Netherlands where we have been able to buy a variety of classic cars.


The Morgan is in a very nice exterior condition. One can find off-course some minor signs of use as this is a drivers car but it is clear when the car is inspected that the Morgan has been used by enthusiasts who took care for the car.

The chrome body parts on the car are very nice and the paint is overall in a nice order.


The interior is also in a nice condition. One can see that the leather seats have been in the sun. The seats show a nice patinated look and would benefit from a leather treatment which we will carry out soon.
The dash is in very good condition, as are the instruments, switches, and controls.

The wood on the dashboard is in a beautiful condition and the side screens and roof are brand new restored in a beautiful dark green color.


Our very first classic / hobby car was a Morgan. The car had the same color as this car and was off-course a +8.
It was a dream car for my parents and I still remember the trips with the car. What a machine…

From the moment that the car was started and the impressive sound came out of the engine it brought a huge smile on my father and my face.

This smile arrived again when this +8 arrived. The same feeling came up.
These Morgan’s are in 1 word, fantastic. The looks, the sound, the seat position and off-course the driving capabilities are fabulous.

The nice detail of a Morgan is that the car can be comfortably used on the road but is also fantastic to enjoy during sprints or circuit days.

When driving this Morgan, the reactions are great. It seems as everybody becomes a classic car enthusiast as many people show their enthusiasm about the car. This is not strange because the looks are so fabulous.

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