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    1 000 km / 622 mi
  • Car type 
    Convertible / Roadster
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    90 PS / 67 kW / 89 BHP
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This Mercedes-Benz Type 28/95 hp Sport Phaeton dates from 1924 and was produced in the last year of production. Due to its amazing age and the technology of the time, as well as its imposing size, it takes an experienced driver to move this vehicle. The non-slip and very beautiful wooden steering wheel is reminiscent of a ship's steering wheel. When you steer the Sport Phaeton, you could also think you are steering a ship and not only because of the size, but also because of the power that is required. A ride in the Sport Phaeton is a true experience.

This model was first delivered on 10.04.1924 by the American Mercedes Company in New York, USA. In May 1925, the Mercedes-Benz Type 28/95 hp Sport Phaeton came into the care of its first owner in Connecticut, USA. In the course of time, the Sport Phaeton came into the care of an owner in England, the Netherlands and finally to Germany. Its current owner had the Sport Phaeton registered in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart in 2018.

The Mercedes-Benz Type 28/95 hp Sport Phaeton was extensively restored in the USA and is in very good technical and optical condition. This 1924 model has a 7.2-litre six-cylinder engine, which was designed after the DF 80 aircraft engine. It is also equipped with a four-wheel drum brake.

Special features
• Matching Numbers
• Assessment by TÜV SÜD 2017 - without defects found
• Mercedes-Benz certificate
• Vehicle registration from 1986

History of the series

The Mercedes Type 28/95 hp first went into production in 1914. Due to the war, production was interrupted, which is why only 25 examples were produced until 1915. In 1920, production was resumed, but with a slightly modified engine, which was now fitted with light metal valve covers instead of open valves. DMG produced a total of 600 units until 1924.

The Type 28/95 PS falls under the category of DMG's top-of-the-range automobiles and is less a representative car than an ancestor of the sports car models. It was followed by models such as the K model, the S, SS, SSK and SSKL types and the 500 K and 540 K supercharged models. A distinctive feature of this model was the pointed radiator and the external exhaust pipes, which can also be found on its predecessor, the Type 37/90 PS from 1911. These two features characterised the face of Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz top models at this time for decades.

Another special feature is the technical concept in relation to a series-produced passenger car, because for the first time an engine with an overhead camshaft and V-shaped hanging valves was fitted. The model for this 6-cylinder engine with a displacement of 7.2 litres was Daimler's DF 80 aircraft engine, which took second place in the 1912 Kaiserpreis competition for the best German aircraft engine behind Benz.

For the Mercedes-Benz Type 28/95 hp, turned steel cylinders were used for the first time in series production, which were fitted in pairs with a welded-on cooling water jacket made of sheet steel. The advantage of the turned steel cylinders over conventional cast cylinders was the weight advantage and higher load capacity.

DMG's top model, the Mercedes-Benz Type 28/95 hp Sport Phaeton, was first offered in 1921. It was characterised by a 305 millimetre shorter wheelbase and a four-wheel brake. It was the first Mercedes-Benz in series production to be offered with a front-wheel brake. In 1923, the normal wheelbase model was also equipped with four-wheel drum brakes.


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