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1967 – Matra Djet V

French registration papers as historic vehicle

It was after the break-up of the René Bonnet and Charles Deutsch alliance that the D.B. brand was dissolved. René Bonnet started with an idea for a rear mid-engine in the image of the new competition Lotus. To assert and save his new company, his specifications required a sports car, reliable, with large series parts to limit maintenance costs. It will be with Renault that this project will take shape, thanks to the engine of the future R8 Gordini. It was during the 1962 Paris Motor Show that the civilian version of the Djet made its debut. It was in fact the very first production car to benefit from a technology that had since been democratised: the central-rear engine. The racing version of this car had already been unveiled to the press, but its tubular chassis was considered too complicated. The standard Djet will therefore be equipped with a beam chassis. Faced with financial difficulties, René Bonnet was forced to sell first a part, then the totality of his company to the Matra firm. Despite this buyout, the Djet remained in production until July 1968. This car will remain a real revolution for its time. In all, less than 1,700 units were produced, making this car a true rarity and an authentic French sports car.
Nowadays, few of these cars have had the chance to remain in a configuration close to the original. Our copy dated from June 21st, 1967 is one of them since it was never modified except for a painting in the early 2000s. Still mounted on its 15 inch R8 Gordini rims, the lines of this French GT are exceptional, fine, elegant and racy. Its blue bodywork (original red) is very well presented and is free of any impact marks with almost perfect alignment. We were able to put the car on a bridge to check the state of the chassis (backrest on request) and no trace of shock is to be deplored, the whole is very clean. Inside, the black leather upholstery is in very good condition like the rest of the interior.

What a pleasure it is to sit behind the wheel. All the controls fall perfectly under the hand of this sporty GT-looking car as the interior seems luxurious for a car of this category. Light, lively and agile, the polyester bodywork has a lot to do with it, not to mention the quality of the drivetrain with independent rear wheels and four-wheel disc brakes. The R8 S engine in the centre rear position works very well with its 4-speed gearbox. If the control is firm, you still need to get your bearings to gain precision and avoid entering 1st instead of 3rd! Owned by a passionate father and son, this car has always been conscientiously maintained and proves to be a superb opportunity for all collectors looking for a singular, beautiful and high performance car. Accompanied by an important file of invoices dating back to the early 90's and extensive technical documentation, this Matra Djet is an opportunity not to be missed. We tell you and the future will prove you right!

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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