1963 Maserati 450 S


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Dutch title - True tubular chassis - Outstanding results - V8 Quattroporte from 1963 In the history of Maserati, the 450 S barchetta has been one of the most fascinating of all racing machineries. Very powerful, with a great chassis, the car had great success, but during its early development it was forced to retire very often. With just 10 cars produced, the 450 S was all the more fascinating since its association with a certain brilliant Argentinian driver. Having successfully raced in the 1950s and 1960s, Néstor Salerno participated twice in the 1000 Km of Buenos Aires (with a Ferrari 212 and a Maserati 300 S), and then became part of the official Lancia team. He then started manufacturing replicas of the racing cars with best results, amongst which the 450 S. The car on offer was made seven years ago at Salerno's workshop, and it is based on a 1963 Quattroporte. The tubular chassis has been meticulously well done, so well that it looks like the original. Everything has been manufactured with very high precision, the aluminum body comes from the original drawing. The V8 engine is the "civilized" version of the 450 S engine. Very powerful, this impressive car is extremely light and has the advantage of being registered for the road. However, for a French registration, the vehicle must pass through DREAL to be registered for the road. Made with care by a true enthusiast, confirmed and famous driver, this car is a fitting tribute to one of the most magnificent racing machines of the 1950s.