1111 Lorraine-Dietrich B3-6

B3/6 plateau


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- Original car
- Combination of a luxury model in a commercial vehicle body
- High-quality six-cylinder engine
- No reserve

This Lorraine-Dietrich B3-6 is most likely a saloon that was subsequently transformed into a small flatbed truck, giving it a sleek and unusually sporty look for a commercial vehicle ! The bodywork is fairly sound and the woodwork was re-done a long time ago, as was the well-built flatbed, when the vehicle was used by Turcat Frères, who ran a sawmill at Fontenay Rohan-Rohan. The old registration appears on the back : 4124 XL 4, and the dashboard displays the plaque of a former owner : "Ch. Pouget, 10 rue Saint-Paul, Paris IV". The dashboard is in excellent condition and still has its O.S. and Jaeger instruments. This is the equipment of a luxury car, which the Lorraine B3-6 was considered to be at that time. Its sister model finished 1-2-3 in the 1926 Le Mans 24 Hour Race.
The B3-6 was equipped with an overhead valve 3.5-litre six-cylinder engine with hemispherical combustion chambers and brakes on the front wheels, and was considered at the time to be one of the greatest French cars. The model in the sale, stylishly designed with great expertise, is an unusual marriage of a luxury model with a commercial body, making it highly original.