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To be OFFERED AT AUCTION at Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale event, April 1-3, 2016.

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$ 65,000 - $ 75,000 US

The Continental Mark II made its debut in 1956 featuring an elegant modern design. With its $9,966 price tag, it was one of the most expensive cars in the world. Ford hoped the price would increase the car’s status as a premiere luxury vehicle. However, despite the large price tag Ford supposedly lost money on each car. Production was short, running only through the 1957 model year. For 1956 Lincoln only produced 2,550 Continental Mark IIs.

This Continental Mark II was sold new in Wichita Falls, Texas and spent its life in West Texas. The car is presented in white with a tan interior. Powering the car is a 368-cid V-8 engine paired to a three-speed automatic transmission. The car features a radio, air conditioning; power windows, steering and brakes. The owner believes the 38,000 miles on the odometer are accurate, the title indicates exempt.

Prior to the current owner purchasing the car, it had been in storage for eight years. After appropriate attention to the engine, the car ran and drove well. It was then taken to Hatfield Restorations in Canton, Texas for refurbishing in the early 2000s. Hatfield Restoration has a reputation for high-quality work at their facility, having restored a Packard Darrin that was shown at Pebble Beach two years ago.

Prior to the work, the car had no rust or damage of any kind. The Lincoln was repainted with an exact match to the original color. The original interior upholstery and carpet were removed, all of which were cleaned, re-dyed where needed and re-installed. The headliner was virtually perfect and was not removed. Due to age and cracking, the leather on the front and rear seats were replaced with a perfect match acquired from Keleen Leathers. Otherwise the interior is all original, including the carpet. The front and rear bumpers were re-chromed due to small scratches and one piece of trim was re-chromed due to a small dent. Otherwise the trim and chrome are original.

The engine and transmission were removed, cleaned, detailed and painted as needed then reinstalled. New rubber parts, hoses and belts were used in the engine re-installation. The undercarriage was cleaned and painted where needed. The trunk carpet was removed, cleaned, re-dyed and re-installed. The car has the original (in perfect condition) tools, tool bag and spare tire cover which came with the car.
Ford Motor Company included a special book with each Mark II. The book details how the car was built, the quality of the car and the attention to detail in constructing the car. The car comes with this uncommon original book along with the owner’s manual.

The car has been shown at three National Lincoln-Continental meets. At the first meet the car won 1st Primary trophy; at the second the car won Best of Show Primary Division, Lincoln-Ford Trophy; at the third meet the car won Best of Show Senior Division, William Clay Ford Trophy scoring 99.5 on a 100 point scale.
1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II

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