1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible


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  • Car type 
    Convertible / Roadster
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  • Condition 
    Original Condition
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  • Number of seats 
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US title + Customs clearance certificate for the EU
Chassis n° 2Y86H426426

- Just two owners until 2012
- Very low mileage, lovely original condition
- Fascinating " suicide doors " body
- Luxurious car

With its " suicide doors " opening outwards, this Lincoln Continental offers an incredibly original shape. In popular memory, it will always be known as the 'John F. Kennedy's car ", as it was in a similar model, the 1961 version, that he was assassinated. A car for presidents, stars and wealthy businessmen, the Lincoln Continental was the top of Ford's range, offering an abundance of luxury. Under the bonnet lay a 7-litre V8 engine capable of powering this large car to 190 km/h.

What makes this particular car special is that until 2012 it had had just two owners. The first, Lauren McKinsey from Houston, Texas, bought the car through Griffith, the Lincoln dealer in Houston. A banker at Wells Fargo, McKinsey used the car sparingly. In 1998 he sold it to a friend, John Rupperty from Paolo Alto in California. Impressed by the condition of the car that had covered just 8,850 miles, he had insisted on buying it. He also used the car in moderation, driving it to the golf course on Sundays, so that in 2012, the odometer still only recorded 10,800 miles. In 2012, the car passed into the hands of an important Swiss collector, who drove it from San Francisco to Seattle and on to Canada. In 2013, the current owner bought the car with a recorded mileage of 11,900 miles. It has a new hood, clutch and tyres, and is presented today in very good overall condition.
This is a magnificent and well-preserved example of one of the most iconic American cars of its day, a spacious four-seater convertible offering glorious trips out with family or friends to the gentle purr of its powerful V8 engine.