1987 Lancia Thema


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Italian registration - Three owners only, in superb condition - With original Ferrari V8 engine The history of this Thema 8.32 is exemplary: sold new to Mr. Terradura by the garage of our collector, who was then responsible for the car's maintenance. The car passed into the hands of a lady driver 1994, who hardly used the car. In 1997, the car was returned in its original garage: Our collector indeed took over the car as it was considered as highly safe and he gave it to his son, whenever long distances had to be covered. He used it regularly for three years. The condition of this car is superb, with a flawless paint, the black leather upholstery slightly marked, a leather dashboard and a roof that is very well preserved, without any tearing. The counter shows 85,300 km and as the car has seen very little use in the 2000s, this Lancia 8.32 will require some servicing before putting it back on the road, where you can make the most of its 215bhp V8. Designed by Ferrari as a more civilized version of the 308 QV engine, max power came down, but torque went up, which helps with the fantastic music of the motor. It is rare to find a car of this type as well looked after and maintained and which has had only three owners. The car comes with its complete set of maintenance books and manuals.