1927 Lancia Lambda


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Dutch title Engine n° 6185 - Exceptional original condition - Rare and elegant coachwork - Technically sophisticated Here is every collector's dream: to find a car in original condition, untouched and being unrestored, with its character intact. This is exactly the case with this Lancia Lambda. Moreover, this is a particularly interesting and original model, with a charming body built by Casaro of Turin on its short chassis. More compact and balanced than the standard Lambda, it is highly attractive with its small spider body accommodating two people. A similar Lancia Lambda was displayed on the Casaro stand at the 1927 Milan Motor Show, alongside two Alfa Romeos including a rather imposing RL. This car retains its period coachwork with side moulding, small trunk incorporated into the front wing, windscreen in three sections, running board to allow access and spare wheel complete with small rear light. It retains the original leather upholstery and bears just one tear on the driver's side that is probably repairable. The instruments and switches on the dashboard are complete, including the " Le Nivex " fuel gauge. There is a compartment under the seat that still holds some of the original tools. This step-back-in-time continues under the bonnet, with its original engine and even rarer, its carburettor, radiator and accessories. For this car to be presented in such an extraordinary condition today, (having left the factory in November 1926 as confirmed by factory records), it must have a special history. In fact, it was the monocoque structure of the car that saved it. During the 1940s while in the United States, its owner wanted to transform it into a trailer, but finding that this would be difficult with its non-standard chassis, the project was put to one side. Subsequently, an enthusiast acquired the car in exchange for some Ford Model A wheels, and it was hardly used from then on, explaining its excellently conserved condition. During the 2000s, it was successfully started up, but it evidently needs major work before it can be driven on the road. Technically interesting and a rare model in exceptionally original condition, this Lambda merits serious attention from collectors. The specialist's opinion: What can be more exciting for an enthusiast than to come across an automobile in totally original condition, unrestored, untouched, in short, a barnfind. Which is this Lambda, with coachwork we have never seen before. Each flaw is an imprint of its past, of a life that began in 1927 ! Naturally, all automobiles in original condition must be restored one day. However, with this car, in a condition that makes it exceptional, I would suggest making it mechanically perfect, then simply protect the coachwork with varnish and drive it. What special elegance and distinction !