• Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    100 000 km / 62 138 mi
  • Car type 
  • Lot number 
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 


This classic car is for sale on Catawiki. To have more information or to place a bid click on the "BID NOW" button. .Lancia - Delta Integrale 16 V - Replica Martini Miki Biasion 1989 San Remo - 1988.
Prepared group N for rallye in 1991 and equipped with 16-valve engine.
The gearbox is standard and the differential belongs to the 16-valve engine and is excellent.
Prepared turbine, 5 bar petrol pump.
Light body supports.
Kevlar and aluminium sump guard.
Balanced engine.
400w bonnet headlights.
Trip master for navigation system.

The preparation cost almost €100,000.
It participated in some races that it almost always won.
The driver was both the owner and the preparer himself, who still has a workshop specialising in sports car preparations and is an expert in Lancia Deltas.

For health reasons, it no longer competed, and after the last post-race ‘lift’ it was sold and has no more than 50 km on the instrument to move the car.
It hasn’t been used for rallying for more than 10 years and, if you want to take it back to racing, it would need technical testing and proper upgrading of seats, roll bars and fuel tank. Not needed for historical events.

It has a certified vintage sports passport.
Fully mechanical and cosmetic review, it is reborn as Delta ‘Martini’ replica - 1989 - San Remo - Miki Biasion.
The livery is exactly like original, very high quality, branded 3M, mounted by experts in the industry.

The engine delivers about 310 HP, it has no ignition hesitations and no anomalous gaps. It works very well and it’s so much fun.
With Bilstein (French stac) suspension, and all seals and silent blocks are Abarth original. The control unit has the Abarth race mapping, a clone of the very famous one.
The gearbox is in excellent condition, as well as the copper clutch.
I guarantee that it has never made a rollover.

4 Michelin 20/58-15 are installed on the car with rims O.Z. N20 rear and N40 front, and it has a spare wheel also on O.Z. rim in the same size.

The following tyres are also included:
4 complete wheels with Michelin 20/58-15 T1A on O.Z. rims.
5 Michelin 20/58-15 TA20 tyres.
12 Michelin 20/58-15 mixed tyres.

Car is located in Magliano Alpi (CN) and it is available for any test, before bidding.
Transport and export costs shall be borne by the buyer.