1952 Lancia Aurelia


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Dutch title
Chassis # B 20 S # 1532
Engine No. 1665

- The purest and the rarest
- Nice presentation
- Eligible for many historic events

Lancia, since the beginning and till the brand came under the control of Fiat, had always made exclusive and innovative automobiles, which in many ways reflected the personality of Vincenzo Lancia and his team of talented engineers. The Aurelia was born, discreetly dressed as a sedan, in 1950. The following year it was transformed into an elegant Coupée, and in 1954 a spider version was launched for the US market, distributed by none other than the redoubtable Max Hoffman. The heart of the Aurelia was an engine whose architecture would eventually become a classic, every significant carmaker today has a V6 engine in its range. The suspensions were also very original, especially in the front, with the shock absorbers and the coil springs housed in a vertical tube, which also acted as the steering system box, making sure that the movement of the wheels remained perfectly vertical. The B20 evolved over six iterations.
This second series car, powered by its 1991cc engine was one of 673 B20s made in 1952. It rolled out of the Lancia factory on 10th March, was green in color, and was delivered in Switzerland, to be sold to its first owner who kept it for several decades. It was in Holland in the hands of an important collector, the same owner as the one of the Bentley 6,5 L of the sale. He had bought the car from Victor Muller, the famous founder of the brand Spyker. The car is now in a white livery, and has retained its light beige cloth upholstery. It has the gear lever on the floor, which is much more pleasant to use than the column shift version. It is worth noting that the engine number matches the chassis number. It is very difficult today to find a second series B20 on the market. This one represents a great opportunity to acquire a pure B20 that is eligible for numerous historic races, including the Mille Miglia.