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• Third Series
• One of the very last produced,
• only 1,500 km since restored
• ASI certified
• Lancia beige interior

In 1953 Lancia presented a new car to replace the Ardea, named Appia after the Roman consular road.
The bodywork was that of the scaled-down Aurelia, but it featured a narrow V-engine with two camshafts. Although it had some features that pleased the most enthusiastic Lancers, such as the wardrobe door opening, the lack of detail, the right-hand drive and the different gear arrangement from that used by the major European car manufacturers, failed to make the car appreciated by the general public.
In order to relaunch it on the market, Castagnero carried out an aesthetic revolution in 1956. The most significant choice was to fit left-hand drive as standard and to change the layout of the gears. The interior was also made more elegant by partially covering the dashboard with imitation leather and choosing a round instrument panel. This is how the Appia became an icon of style and elegance.
In 1959 there was a further aesthetic improvement with the third series.
The air intake became trapezoidal in shape. The chrome moulding that ran down the centre of the bonnet had a stylised brass letter 'a' at the tip. The bonnet profile was lowered, the bumpers made more prominent, the light clusters became larger and squarer at the rear. The number plate light was placed on the bumper. The wheels became 14" and the front brakes were dual shoe. The interior also underwent changes, the heating system was upgraded, a 'courtesy mirror' was added to the passenger's sun visor and the space available for passengers was increased.
The magnificent example we are offering at auction was registered for the first time in 1963, in fact it is a 3rd series among the very last ones produced before the so-called "Farewell" on 27 April 1963. The bodywork is in its original Vincennes Blue, the interior and all upholstery is in Lancia's light beige colour. The car was completely restored about 10 years ago after a long period of inactivity. The bodywork and interior have undergone a conservative restoration, the engine has undergone a general overhaul of all components, both mechanical and electrical. Today the car is in impeccable condition. This car is part of a beautiful collection of cars belonging to an Italian gentleman who has taken excellent care in all aspects of conservation and maintenance over the years. The car was re-registered in 2011 and has all its original documentation and is registered with the ASI historic register. The car will be auctioned at Milano AutoClassica 2021 in extraordinary condition.