1969 Lamborghini Islero


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French title
Chassis # 6453
Engine ° 50146

- Only 100 units of the S version produced
- Original patinated interior
- Maintained to be a runner

Unveiled at the International Geneva Motor Show in March 1968, the Lamborghini Islero was a successor to the 400 GT 2 + 2. This 2 + 2 Coupée was designed by Mario Marazzi, a former artisan at Carrozzeria Touring. The S version was equipped with the Miura's distribution system which gave the car a max power of 350bhp at 7000rpm. The air intake on the bonnet was slightly enlarged and an air outlet vent featured on the front fenders.
This car was registered on May 29, 1969 and currently shows around 72,500 km on the odometer. Its engine is the original one. The current owner acquired the car in 1996 from a collector from the West of Paris, who had himself bought it in 1990 from a Lamborghini enthusiast of the Gard region, who had owned the car since 1976.
The Islero S benefited from a thorough mechanical restoration performed by the current owner who wanted to have regular use of his Lamborghini. The file of invoices comes to a total of €12 000 for parts, and confirms notably the repair to the bottom end of the engine with the replacement of crankshaft washers and bearings. The mechanism and the clutch discs have been changed. The brake system has been doubled and the brakes completely revised. This model features a stainless steel exhaust system, a circuit breaker in the trunk, a modified expansion tank (the original one comes with the car), an additional automatic ventilator and a recent radiator (the former air conditioning compressor comes with the car). On the advice of an eminent French brand specialist, a bracket was mounted on the front top rail of the chassis to improve the rigidity. With the exception of the roof, the body remains in the state the car was delivered. Both rocker panels underwent a refurbishment. The interior, representative of its time, is the original one with all its charm. The leather parts were redyed in black.
A drive along the Loire convinced us that this was a true GT. It is a real pleasure to shift gears and enjoy the endless revs of the engine, with the subtle edges of the front wings just visible. We noted that some of the silent blocks need to be changed. This Lamborghini offers fine driving comfort and a powerful V12 engine and has been long forgotten. Yet it is one of the rarest of supercars, very powerful for its time and was one of the favorite models of Ferruccio Lamborghini himself.