1959 Jaguar XK 150

3.4 S OTS


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    Convertible / Roadster
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- More powerful and desirable ‘S’ version, one of the rarest of all XK variants
- The XK150 S Roadster is the most desirable and sought after
- The ultimate and final Jaguar XK open two seater, the most powerful and the fastest
- A highly collectible Jaguar in very good order
- Documented by its Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate
- Wears an exquisite color combination

‘The 3.4-litre Jaguar Engine is one of the marvels of the age. In racing tune, it achieves tremendous speeds, and in normal form it powers a range of cars from six-seater luxury models to the sports XK types. Now, a “hotter” version of this basic engine has been made available, and it is used in the ultra-high speed XK 150S two-seaters.’ – John Bolster, Autosport.

Introduced in the spring of 1957, the XK150 was available at first only in fixed and drophead coupé forms, the open roadster version not appearing until the following year.

‘Special Equipment’ and ‘S’ versions came with 210 and 250bhp respectively, the latter delivering an astonishing 0-97km/h time of 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 219km/h.

This was achieved by the introduction of the Weslake-developed ‘straight-port’ cylinder head, high-compression pistons, triple 2″ SU carburettors and twin electric fuel pumps.

The much-admired chromed Jaguar mascot was made available as an optional extra on an XK for the first time.

The Jaguar XK 150 was the ultimate expression of Jaguar’s fabulous ‘XK’ series of sports cars arrived in 1957.

The XK150 was a progressive development of the XK120 and XK140, retaining the same basic chassis, 3.4-liter engine and four-speed Moss transmission of its predecessors.

It benefited from a new, wider body that provided increased interior space and improved visibility, courtesy of a single-piece wrap-around windscreen that replaced the XK140’s divided screen.


Manufactured in 1958 at the 31st. Of October, this original Left-Hand Drive 3.4 XK150 S Roadster on offer was purchased by the former owner in the United States.
The car was delivered via Jaguar Cars in New York.

The car was newly ordered with the desirable option of a manual gearbox WITH overdrive.

The car was ordered in Cotswold Blue with a blue interior.

The Jaguar is in a beautiful condition with nice doorfittings a beautiful paint quality and very nice chrome.


Driving with an XK 150 is always very pleasant. The car is very fast and due to the fact that this specific example has been fitted with an overdrive, the Jaguar is very usable on the highway for longer road trips or even holiday trips.

The handling of the Jaguar is also excellent with a very responsive steering. Due to the four disc brakes the Jaguar is easy to stop.

Actually it is not strange why so many Jaguar XK’s have been sold. In comparison with other cars like a Mercedes or even an Aston Martin, these cars are driving impressively well and can even be used on a daily base.

The XK150 S Roadster is the most desirable and sought after, with its clean sweeping lines and swift performance, it will still provide exciting driving on any country road and good touring ability also.

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