1955 Jaguar XK 140



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    Convertible / Roadster
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- Mille Miglia eligible
- Original Left Hand Drive example
- Relatively low priced example
- Many enthusiasts consider the XK 140 the pinnacle of the XK series of Jaguars, offering a combination of XK 120 style with the comfort and usability of the later XK 150
- Inviting as presented to drive and enjoy

The Jaguar XK-140, produced from late 1954 into 1957, generally continued the beautiful styling and impressive performance of the XK-120 that preceded it.

XK140 models included a cabriolet-type Drophead Coupé (DHC), a Fixed-Head Coupe and an Open Two-Seater (OTS) roadster, as represented here. Jaguar designers moved the DOHC 3.4 liter inline 6-cylinder engine forward in the XK chassis for the new model.

The XK 140 permitted in comparison to the XK 120 more legroom in the cockpit, even as the previously used dashboard and seating locations were retained. For the first time, a bit of open space was also provided behind the front seat.

Built between 1954 and 1957, the XK 140 OTS (Open Two Seater) of which just 3281 were left-hand drive models, is much rarer than the XK 120 with left-hand drive, of which 6437 were built.


Being very familiar with the Jaguar XK 140 we can say that it is one of the best driving cars from the fifties. We are happy that we have owned the original Works Jaguar XK 140 OTS with which we drove several times the Mille Migila. Being in the Mille Miglia with a car means that you will know everything from the car after some days. We have had a lot of cars but an XK 140 has really everything a classic car needs to have.

First of all, almost everybody can fit in a XK 140.

There is a relative big engine so you can use it on a race track but also on a sunday if you want to go out for a picnic.

Even if you would like to get a bit further from home and take the car to your holiday destination, a Jaguar XK is an excellent car as it has quite a lot of luggage space (for a classic car).

This specific Jaguar has been owned for a longer period by a gentlemen in Holland who traded in the car at our place for an XK 150 Drophead Coupe.

He wanted to have something different after many years of driving and enjoying his Jaguar XK.

The former owner had the car always very well maintained at a Jaguar specialist.

This XK 140 is a real drivers example. A nice car but not pristine restored to go to a concours in the weekend but a car which can be used on a daily base and also with some rain.

The car is a nice appearance and is eligible for the Mille Miglia.


The Jaguar is looking very nice. Nice body with nice gaps and nice paint. One can find a spot as this is not a mint concours car but a really nice drivers car.

The car looks fabulous with the leather strap on the engine bay and the louvres on the bonnet.

The combination with the fog lamps make the car a very nice appearance.

The chrome bumpers are in a very nice condition. The window surrounding show a bit of patina but is still very nice.

The soft top is in an as new condition.

On the boot a suitcase mounting set has been installed to make the car even more usable for longer (holiday) trips.


The Black leather interior suits the outside color of Red very nice.

This interior has been completely custom made from a very nice and very soft leather.

The leather is in a beautiful condition, the wooden trim which is in the car has been also entirely restored and has a beautiful shine.

All meters, gauges and knobs are working perfectly without hesitation.


For some reason every Jaguar XK is driving slightly different. Sometimes an XK has a bit too hard suspension, sometimes the gas is not revving the engine immediately, sometimes the brakes are a bit weak but sometimes we have an XK whereby everything feels as it should be and this specific example is such a car.

The engine runs wonderful and is powerful. When the gas pedal is touched, the engine revs up immediately and the engine feels very strong on the whole range from the bottom to the top.

The steering is extremely direct even as the brakes.

Amongst the superb driving capabilities the Jaguar is also looking impressively nice in the wonderful red exterior color with Black leather interior.

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