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    102 115 km / 63 452 mi
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Transmission: 5 gears, Manual gearbox
Registration number: JA-49-13

Mid 1975 the international press was first presented with the E-Type’s successor, the XJ-S. Although many critics did not deem it a worthy successor to the E-Type, this rather streamlined coupe stood the test of time for over twenty years. Everyone was full of praise for its roadholding with high-speed cornering ability celebrated.

Over the years the XJ-S underwent two large modification. The first update in 1981 did not show huge changes in its appearance. By the second update in 1991 the car was ready to tackle the new decade. The name changed from XJ-S to XJS. The outline became smoother, the bumpers bigger, more rounded and colour-coded, the rear lights were now flatter and wider. The ‘flying buttresses’ that accounted for the concave, receding roofline stayed but were less pronounced. It character fortunately remained intact and with the XJ-S and XJS fast gaining in popularity it is perhaps the series III that is the most appreciated incarnation of the lot.
The XJS you see here is very special. Not only is this Kingfisher Blue XJS practically pristine, it also happens to be a very rare manual version. Combined with the sought after 4.0 six-cylinder it offers a unique opportunity for lots of fun. The first owner lived in Monaco, a spot that no doubt was well-suited to this Jaguar. With 10,000 km per year the first owner used his car sparingly. After a few years having been serviced by a specialist firm in Monte Carlo the owner decided it was time for something new and the car was sold to a person in Turin. He too used the car sparingly and so many years later the clock of this gentleman’s coupe still only reads 102,115 km.

The car is has mainly retained its first coat that is in mouthwatering condition. It is straight, undamaged with exception of a few minimal stone chips. To be honest we would prefer to see this over even a neat respray. The bodywork is stunning, as simple as that. Add to that gleaming brightwork, lovely wheels, lights all in order and we fail to find anything needing improvement.

On the inside the joy continues. The interior is in a formidable state, with brilliant leather, gorgeous wooden detailing and even the plastic appearing to have just come of the shelve at Jaguar. Sumptuous luxury is not at a premium with electrically operated seats, cruise control and air-conditioning. The view behind the steering wheel exudes 90’s British opulence. Simply stunning!

The wonderful 4.0 engine is, partially due to its low mileage, as good as new. Plastic engine mouldings were not ‘de rigour’ back then affording us a lovely view of this large engine block. It does not lack power either with nearly 250 hp and 383 Nm of torque. On the one hand a comfortable GT and on the other hand especially during long trips out over rolling countryside it comes into its own as a proper sportscar, even more so with that manual 5-speed.

This car handles very much as you would expect from a car in this segment: as comfortable as a GT, temperamental as a sportscar. Considering the mileage and mechanical state we can also add a pristine badge to that. All booklets are present and correctly stamped.
Quite a nice package we say!

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