1964 Jaguar S-Type


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_Serial number 1B25228DN
_Delivered new in France
_Purchased new by Paul Meurisse
_4.2L engine
_Important file of invoices
_French registration

Our Jaguar Type S was first registered in France on 22 October 1964 in the ownership of Paul Meurisse, the famous actor. Kept in Paul Meurisse's family until 1977, it was kept dry for nearly 14 years before being bought in 1991 by a new owner who undertook a complete restoration of the vehicle and a change of engine. The car's original 3.4L engine was replaced by a 4.2L from a Jaguar XJ6 with 5,300 km. The engine was fitted with the gearbox that was fitted to it: a 5-speed manual gearbox with overdrive. A new owner acquired the cat in 1999 and kept it for 15 years before selling it to the current owner. A lot of work was done by the owner to make the car reliable and usable in any situation:
-the clutch
-the cylinder head gasket
-fuel gauge
-front braking system
-brake master cylinder
-stainless steel exhaust line
-carburettor hoses
-spark plugs
-engine silentblocks
-fuel pump

In the cabin, the passage of time has left a patina on the leather and the wood veneer of the dashboard but everything is functional. Very comfortable and luxurious, our S-Type is interesting because of its history and its completely revised mechanics.