1961 Jaguar MK II

3.8 litre + Overdrive


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- An example of the most desirable Jaguar MKII as the car is fitted since new with the desirable 3.8 liter engine which is combined with the desirable manual gearbox with overdrive. To make the car top of the range she is also fitted with power steering since new
- A Swiss delivered example
- Beautiful presented in unique original condition
- Superb color combination of Pearl Grey metallic with a dark blue interior
- Beautiful MK II are highly sought after by British car collectors, with many claiming the MK II is the best looking Jaguar saloon
- Built for covering long distances in comfort and style, this is a superbly usable car
- Complete with old documents from Swiss owners
- Currently registered in Holland

“One of the most impressive sights today is the rapid and purposeful progress of a Mark 2 Jaguar on a motorway, eating up the miles in the fast lane. Like the nose of a bullet, the rounded frontal shape looks right for high speed, and the sheer velocity attained is usually exhilarating.” – Autocar.

One of the most readily recognized cars of the 1960s, thanks to countless appearances in films and on television, Jaguar’s seminal Mark 2 saloon set the standard for the class throughout its entire production life and today remains highly prized by enthusiasts.

Jaguar introduced the Mark II Saloon in 1959 as the successor to the Mark I. The new car was very well received, featuring added visibility, strong performance, and luxurious interiors the cars were purchased by executives, celebrities and even featured in film and television.

The Mark II’s were offered with three different engines a 2.4-liter, 3.4-liter and 3.8-liter engines.

Cars equipped with the 3.8-liter engine were capable of 125-mph top speed, making it at the time, the fastest production saloon in the world.


According to the accompanying Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate, this car was originally finished in Pearl Grey with a Light Blue interior, and it was equipped with a 4 speed manual gearbox with overdrive.

The car is in a unique original condition and is still in it’s original and beautiful color combination.

The specification which is chosen by its first owner couldn’t be better. It was top of the bill as the car was ordered with the desirable 3.8 liter engine with manual gearbox and overdrive. As an extra the Jaguar was also ordered with power steering.

The Jaguar was manufactured on the 21st. of June 1961 and it was dispatched at the 4th. of July. The car was sold via the main distributor for Switzerland which was and still is Emil Frey in Zurich.

A copy of the Swiss Wagenkarte comes with the car. This Wagenkarte shows specific details including the name of the first owner as well as specific details such as the key number.

In the history file one can find several period photographs of the car of the car showing the Swiss registration BE104855.

This is the type of car we personally love. Full with original details. Not restored but just conserved in it’s original state.

This means that the car is not in brand new/nicer then new concours condition but the car is very very nice.

The Jaguar’s engine bay is completely correct and the engine shows the original Matching Numbers on both the engine block as well as the engine head.

In December 2001 the Jaguar was bought by a person from Holland. He imported the car in 2002.

A variety of invoices are available before and since the Dutch ownership.

Many Jaguar MKII’s have been restored over the years.

Understandable because a Jaguar MKII is a very usable car. It can be easily driven on a daily base because of the powerful engine and the comfortable way of driving.

Due to the use and the age a lot of MKII’s are not existing anymore or restored but this car is absolutely one of a kind and extremely unique.

The car is very original and has only been very well maintained over the years and very well stored.

Mileage now is 37.000 km recorded (137.000 we expect)

This clarifies the fantastic condition of the Jaguar MKII.


Condition wise this Jaguar is unique. We have traded many Jaguar MKII’s but this is certainly 1 of a kind.

The body of the car is extremely original. The chrome is impressively nice with a beautiful shine and almost no signs of use.

The doorfittings of the MKII are very nice except that the boot SEEMS to close not perfectly on the pictures but this is only because of a brand new boot rubber which is a bit too big because it’s new.

The lights and glasses are also in a nice condition.

The Jaguar sits on brand new chrome wired wheels.


The interior of the Jaguar is absolutely amazing. Can you imagine that the first owner who got the car delivered at Emil Frey in Switzerland took place on the same leather as the new owner of this car?

Amongst the superb dark blue color, the condition of the interior is absolutely superb.

The leather on the seats, the carpets, the headlining as well as the wood is all original and in a beautiful condition.

One can see off-course the patina on all the described parts but that makes this car so unique.

The wooden parts which are almost everywhere in a Jaguar MKII are so impressively nice. If the wood is still original after some years it is mainly cracked or the color has changed because of the sun but in this car one can see how Jaguar actually delivered these cars and how beautiful the wood can be.

The interior of the Mark II is truly a masterpiece with its beautiful walnut veneer dash, plush leather seats, and multiple gauges placed in easy distance from the driver along with a row of toggle switches.


We are personally very much in love with this Jaguar MKII. We always like a Jaguar MKII but this car is such a superb powered 3.8 liter version which is combined with the 4 speed manual gearbox with overdrive.

The MKII is beautiful and drives very well. It has enough space to carry 4 persons as well as luggage but still drives very sporty.

The look of the Jaguar MKII is in our opinion fabulous. The beautiful shape and the huge amount of chrome make it a beautiful appearance.

Driving the MKII is absolutely fantastic. The 3.8 engine gives exactly the correct power while a 3.4 can be sometimes a bit underpowered, the sound is excellent and amongst that does the car looks excellent.

The combination of the 4 speed gearbox with overdrive is superb. One can drive very comfortable and with a low engine sound on the motorway while it is a very fast car to drive in the lower gears.

The looks of the MKII is even better because of this nice color combination. If the car is parked on the street it attracts a lot of attention because of the quality of the car and off-course because of the color.

The car is very original and has been owned by people with a passion for cars.

One can easily recognize this when the car is closely inspected.

The car comes with a nice history file as well as the original Jaguar manual and all tools.

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