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French classic registration title
Chassis n° 1E35461

- Very nice and original presentation
- Series 1 ½ to be rediscovered
- Jaguar Heritage Certificate, matching numbers

We have read almost everything, or heard, about the Jaguar Type E. This rolling myth will indeed mark its indelible trace on automotive history. Its beauty, performance, leading road des phares découverts, un intérieur et des carburateurs de série 2, tout en conservant les pare-chocs de la série 1. Le succès commercial fut total, à tel point que la production se poursuit jusqu’en 1973 avant d’être remplacée par la XJS. Fabriqué en 1968 au cours de cette période transitoire, ce coupé de la série 1½ produite le 24 avril 1968 fut livré chez Henlys London, le 16 mai de la même année dans cette superbe teinte Dark Blue avec un intérieur en cuir Light Blue, toujours d’origine. La peinture est superbe et vraisemblablement d’origine, car la voiture fut longtemps exposée dans une collection privée aux Etat-Unis avant de revenir en terre anglaise. Son propriétaire actuel prit possession de ce beau modèle en mars 2014 qui affiche aujourd’hui un peu moins de 30 000 km au compteur, ce qui peut être considéré comme d’origine tant l’état de conservation du véhicule est remarquable. Les alignements de la carrosserie sont parfaits, la peinture parfaitement tendue et profonde, l’habitacle distille une belle behaviour and ‘relative’ accessibility are all assets that will propel it to the front of the stage. Launched in 1961 to replace the famous XK, it takes over the 3.8l 6-cylinder engine block and proposes new technical developments. It has 4 independent wheels equipped with disc brakes and a brand new rear suspension with four telescopic shock absorbers with integrated springs. In 1964, the series 1 receives a 4.2l block developing 265 hp. It also benefits from a fully synchronized gearbox and an improved cooling system, and retains its fairing headlights. The 1.5 series will serve, in 1967, as a transition to the 2 series by displaying open headlights, an interior and carburetors of the 2 series, while preserving the bumpers of the 1 series. The commercial success was total, so much so that production continued until 1973 before being replaced by the XJS. Made in 1968 during this transitional period, this 1½ Series coupe produced on April 24, 1968 was delivered to Henlys London on May 16, 1968 in this superb Dark Blue shade with a Light Blue leather interior, always original. The painting is superb and probably original, as the car was long exhibited in a private collection in the United States before returning to English soil. Its current owner took possession of this beautiful model in March 2014 which today shows a little less than 30,000 km on the counter, which can be considered original as the state of conservation of the vehicle is remarkable. The body alignments are perfect, the paint is perfectly tense and deep, the interior has a nice leather smell and under the long front hood, the engine compartment is very clean. This series is certainly the best deal of the moment given the prices of series 1. Very close aesthetically, they provide additional driving comfort in terms of performance, use and comfort. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire one of the most beautiful coupe of the 60’s.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, France, on June the 23th, 2019.
The digital catalog will be available soon on our website
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