1111 Innocenti Mini Cooper

1100 S cabriolet


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    S32 / 2*0300998
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- An original cabriolet design
- With pretty Ghia body
- Proven mechanicals
- No reserve

This Innocenti cabriolet does not lack charm, with its dashboard of many little dials giving the impression of a Grand Touring car of a much higher displacement. It has two sports seats in black leatherette, and under the hood, a four-cylinder Austin engine, which is not surprising given that this car was built by Innocenti from a BMC license, on the base of the Austin-Healey Sprite. A certain freedom was given to the Italian manufacturer for the style of the body, produced by Osi on a design from coachbuilder Ghia, with the young American designer Tom Tjaarda cutting his teeth in the world of Italian styling, which explains the car's elegant shape. This specificity gave Innocenti a typical Italian image. It was also better equipped, featuring for example wind-down windows.
As an S version, the 1100 engine has twin carburetors, as a successor to the very first version, which had the 950cc engine. The rear bumper is missing and the roof is unusable, except providing the basis for a new one. The car has no registration documents, but an old registration number - 9542 AF 92 - can be seen. Produced in relatively small quantities, it is much rarer than the British version and is an opportunity to acquire for a small amount this stylish convertible, making it a nice restoration project.