1949 Georges Irat


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title

- A unique model
- A show car
- A Concours d'Elegance candidate
- No reserve

In 1910, as a director of the automotive division of the service Compagnie générale d'électricité that Georges Irat, then just twenty years old, took his first steps in the world of the automobile. After several failed attempts, this French manufacturer finally saw success at the Paris Salon of 1935, with the unveiling of a small roadster and a convertible with front wheel drive, and powered by a Ruby engine, with total production not exceeding 400 units. Postwar, Georges Irat abandoned the car production, and instead specialized in making industrial motors, marketed under the brand name of DOG. These were manufactured in the suburb of Begles, near Bordeaux. Alongside this activity, Georges Irat started work on the design of a new car, which he unveiled at the Paris Salon of 1946, a revolutionary prototype mounted on a magnesium frame. He returned the following year with a further development of this first prototype.

Finally, in 1949, a final prototype was readied. This is the one we offer at auction, a car which has been seen in numerous exhibitions. It is powered by an engine of 2-liter mated to a Cotal box. With a top speed estimated at 150 Km/h, it is equipped with hydraulic brakes. At the time, success was not to be, and this prototype marked the end of the automotive adventure of George Irat. Only the body of this car, made by the famous coachbuilder Labourdette, was found at the plant in Bègles. To be shown in various events, a Simca Eight chassis was used to underpin the car. Another feature of this prototype, the use of the process Vutotal for the windshield, without any frames, was designed by engineer Joseph Vigroux, at Labourdette. This is a prototype that demonstrates the rich history of the French automobile and its many small carmakers, one of which was the ambitious Georges Irat.