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1955 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

Designers: William P. Boyer & Frank Hershey

Estimate: $30,000 - $60,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: P5FH245831

Decoded: P=292 cid V8 engine; 5=1955; F=Dearborn, MI assembly; H=Thunderbird convertible; 245831=145,831st 1955 Ford scheduled for assembly at Dearborn

Engine: 292 cid OHV "Y-block" V8

4-barrel Carburetor/198 bhp

3-Speed Ford-O-Matic Automatic Transmission

Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Odometer: 355 miles

America's Personal Luxury Car

First Year of the Legendary Series

Trend Setting Styling for the Era

The Model -While Chevrolet may have started America's love of domestic sports-cars, Ford perfected the notion of a sporty, personal car that presented the image of positive thinking while establishing styling trends that would continue on for over a decade and be reborn nearly 50 years later. When Ford released the little T-bird, it was an instant love affair for old and young alike. As opposed to the Corvette, which shared virtually nothing with its full-size sisters, the T-bird's styling kept a family resemblance alive which helped propel Ford into the top-selling position for several seasons during the 1950's. Thunderbird helped build showroom traffic and even though mom and dad might go home in a Fairlane sedan or Country Sedan station wagon, they felt they were bringing home just a bit of The T-bird flair. In its first year, 16,155 examples were sold, compared to Chevrolet's 4,460 total sales in Corvette's first three model years combined.

The Car - Looking under the hood of this gorgeous Thunderbird, you will notice that on the data plate under the "Color" entry is the letter "V". That represents one of the most outstanding colors applied to the T-bird, Goldenrod Yellow. Introduced towards the latter part of the model year, the Goldenrod Yellow T-birds are treasured among collectors, as well they should be. This example has been treated to a full restoration during which time a couple of convenience upgrades were included. The electrical system was changed to the more popular 12-volts and for cool summertime cruising a modern air-conditioner has been added. Externally, this car is a fresh and pure as the day it rolled off the assembly line at the legendary Rouge plant in Dearborn. Another modern-day accessory tastefully added is a custom-fit AM-FM sound system. The engine is fitted with the accessory dress-up kit featuring finned valve covers, chrome air-cleaner and a look that cannot be beaten. Driving this car is a dream with all gauges working including the all-important tachometer and even the electric clock. Easy to adjust, the seat is power-adjustable and the windows glide up and down electrically. Fitted with a black soft-top, this beautiful example of the premiere year for Thunderbird is one ride you do not want to miss out on.

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