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    75 000 mi / 120 701 km
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    Lime Gold
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  • Performance 
    335 BHP / 340 PS / 250 kW
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Today for sale, we have yet another legend. A car that screams 1960s America whenever you see it. A car that adorned countless kids' walls as a poster: a Ford Mustang. But this is no ordinary Mustang. This very car is a Sportsroof/Fastback 428 Cobra Jet, a special edition of the original Mustang, which was offered from 1968 on, for three years. This very car is quite a wonder: it is a real original Cobra Jet with original paint, matching numbers, and many documents, including the original invoice. It was ordered by an american car dealer at the time based in Iowa, which is still active today thanks to his grandchildren.
Additionally, it comes with a Marti Report, a world-renowned Ford specialist since the 80s, who, over time, was accorded a license by the Ford Motor Company. In other words, very reputable.
Sometime along its life, the car was imported to Switzerland and now has a Collection M.O.T status. With only 75'000 miles, the incredible original condition of the car really shows how the previous owners treated the automobile. It is equipped with a 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet engine (more details below), officially making 335 hp, as disclaimed by Ford. However, this is believed to have been an understatement, and the real figure should be around the 400 hp mark. Ford did this to avoid buyers having to pay high insurance premiums and for the car to pass emissions regulations. This great engine was coupled to a manual gearbox. During 1968, only 1,044 Sportsroof Mustang Cobra Jets were made, which makes this car very rare and special, not even mentioning for its formidable condition.

The Ford dealer Bob Tasca in California, the second biggest dealer owner in the country, was quite close to Ford and showed them that the racing wins at Le Mans, Indianapolis, and other places didn't really increase sales. Even after Ford launched the 390 GT in 1967, Tasca tried to install tuning kits to hop up the car's performance, but it still wasn't enough. The easiest solution for Ford was to install their race 427 cubic inch engine, but this proved to require too much work to make it usable on a street car, not accounting for the fact that the company supplying the engines couldn't produce as many as Ford needed. The engine engineering-department finally settled on one feasible solution.
The 428 cubic inch engine was not powerful enough, and the 427 was too complicated to heavily modify. Thus, in the end, Ford used the main block of the 428 with the heads of the 427. This mix of parts, the optimization of the heads, and the new exhaust manifolds resulted in a completely new engine called the Cobra Jet 428. As mentioned above, the engine developed around 400 hp, an already big figure today, an enormous figure at the time. Offered for three years, from 1968 to 1970 included, the whole car wasn't only about that engine. Moreover, a modified version of the 780 CFM Holley carburetor was designed, and a specific handling package were offered. Our car was also ordered with several interesting options, visible on the original invoice, such as the sports deck rear seat and the optional axle ratio. Additionally, all Cobra Jets came with the GT aesthetic package adding quad pipes, fog lights, GT badges, and stripes. This car is one of only 2,870 cars produced that year, including coupes and convertibles, as well as the equally rare Shelby models, a somewhat even more barebones version than the Cobra Jet. At the time of production of our car, Ford made the base Mustang chassis, and the car was then sent to A.O. Smith Corp to be modified. Ford had different production plants, our mustang was built in Dearborn.

This car is the perfect example of the golden era for automobiles: freedom, trial and error, rapid development, wonderful engines, great designs, and little restrictions. Our Cobra Jet itself is a real piece of American and worldwide automotive history.

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