1965 Ford Cortina

Lotus Mk I


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French registration
Chassis # BA74FS59260

- Car professionally prepared
- Eligible for many events
- Efficient and reliable
- Some recent work done

In the early 1960s, Ford Motor Company decided to invest in motorsport to improve the image of its products after the failure of the Edsel. Colin Chapman was approached by Ford Dearborn in order to build a single seater for Indianapolis and by Ford England to improve the image of the brand for saloons. Chapman chose the shell of the Ford Cortina for its lightness. He fitted out a DOHC Lotus engine and close-ratio gearbox, the doors and bonnet were redone in aluminium and he received a contract to build 1,000 units, so that they can race, which they did with success. Today these cars are very competitive in historic races.

The car that we are offering is a LHD car and is of French origin. It was then sold in Italy and participated in races under the colours of the team Vezzosi. It was fully restored in Italy to be a serious candidate for historic racing. The engine was rebuilt by Facetti and the final set-up was by Giraldi, a well known specialist in Italy for this type of vehicles. The clutch, the rear differential, suspension and gas shocks were revised in 2009 when our collector acquired the car. After a service in 2009 by the specialist Team Europe (€ 2,400 in invoices), our collector hardly used the car. In 2013 he had the brakes and the running gears checked by Paris Londres Automobiles (invoices of € 3900).
This is a very well prepared and extremely well serviced Cortina that we are offering. It is equipped with a roll cage, Sparco bucket seats, and specific pedal box. Preparation details show how the development was pushed very far and is much neater than the usual DIY that you see in some of these cars. This Lotus Cortina is an ideal car for those who want to run in historic racing with an authentic, efficient and reliable machine.