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Launched in 1966, Ford’s Bronco was a popular contender in the 4x4 market for three decades, maintaining a well-earned reputation for rugged utility and function. This example, like all first-generation Broncos, exhibits the approachable simplicity of design that helped the model gain its widespread appeal; unlike others, though, this Bronco supersedes nostalgia with a special chassis tag from one of America’s most respected race-vehicle manufacturers.

According to a copy of its Marti Report, this Bronco was built as a test vehicle and delivered to Ford Motor Company’s Research and Engineering Center in Michigan on August 29, 1968. It was uniquely outfitted with front and rear limited-slip differentials, large tires, a Bronco Sport package, and other special options.

Shortly thereafter, it was sold to the legendary Ford-backed racing firm Holman & Moody and Bill Stroppe, whose Bronco race teams won numerous off-road events. Perhaps sold as a development vehicle, the transaction was part of Ford’s “Dollar Car” agreement, meaning the sale price was exactly $1. Renamed the Bronco Hunter, the original Ford VIN was removed and replaced with Holman & Moody serial number HM9028 S, the S likely denoting Stroppe, and the vehicle was given an orange paint finish that would not otherwise be seen until the 1971 introduction of Ford’s Baja Bronco. After being discovered in 2016, it has since undergone a stunning concours restoration spearheaded by Colin Comer, highlighting its unique Holman & Moody lineage and bringing a one-of-a-kind Bronco back to life in a bold and fastidiously detailed way.

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