1970 Fiat 500


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Italian registration

- Special version of the Fiat 500
- In very good condition
- An unusual model

After its release, the Fiat 500 saw many changes and various adaptations by coachbuilders, in order to improve the performance or to make this rather rustic model more comfortable. This was the case of the version on offer, a version coach-built by coachbuilder Francis Lombardi and based on the famous little Fiat, but with a more luxurious finish. Called "My Car", a name on the logo at the front of the car, it has a more pronounced grille and features an exclusive metallic bronze tint, with a fixed roof for better soundproofing. The interior was also improved, with a specific dashboard edge and with more instrumentation than the Fiat 500, and a nice wooden steering wheel. Lombardi may have produced about 6,000 units of this special version. The car on offer was entrusted to Carrozzeria Bertone, at Chivasso, for restoration and the car was completed this year. Compared to the standard Fiat 500, this car has the advantage of its special finish that makes it more original and exclusive.